Iron City Sound Ambassadors' February Pick

Published On February 27, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

The Iron City Sound Ambassadors are back in action to bring you their newest batch of picks for the month. By now, you should be familiar with the sponsorship contest our partners over at Iron City Beer are holding to crown the next ambassador. Tell your musician friends, and if you’re a musician yourself, you could very well be the next ambassador! Be sure to check out the website for full details. You still have a full month to get it together and submit to the contest! As for now, here goes the February picks. This month we asked each ambassador to pick a show that’s happening in Pittsburgh in the next month they’re excited about. Here’s what they came up with:

Bonics is having quite the busy month, so we decided to make his February pick for him, which was a total no brainer! You might remember FukDat Party from last month. The party’s first installment kicked off at Eclipse Lounge to a jam-packed crowd. It was quite the success for a Monday night. This month, Bonics, in conjunction with his homies DJ Nugget, Pete Butta, Mike Ley and Katie from Timebomb have teamed up again to throw yet another kick ass banger on a Monday, of all nights. Those of you who are looking to take the edge off of your Monday, look no further and head down to Z:Lounge for what’s sure to be another great time. This month’s highlights include three separate rooms of 90s themed music. One room will feature karaoke, another will serve as a 90s dance party and Tom Cox will make thangs pop off in the 3rd room with a dope set of 90s house music. Rumor has it Down & Derby party master Vince Masi will be setting up a booth with nothing but throwback 90s swag for sale at the party. Shake off those Monday blues and soak up the nostalgia with FukDat Party #2!

Dave from Dream Job is up next, and he’s throwing big props to the folks behind VIA. They’ve started kicking things back into gear recently, starting up their monthly series of “VIA Presents” events, with another installment taking place this Thursday at Shadow Lounge featuring Detroit’s esteemed hip-hop emcee and producer Black Milk. Dave, however is looking forward to the big festival, which takes place each year the first week of October. “I am really looking forward to seeing what they do this year, and I was bummed that I had to miss last years’ festival because we had shows in New York that whole week. I still felt a sense of pride, though, not only that Pittsburgh finally has a relevant music festival, but that it is actually more innovative and unique than the music festivals in many other cities, with its selection of experimental bands and its integration of visual arts with the music.” We’re proud and excited too, Dave!

Jesse from Bear Cub’s pick: “I am excited for our show with Gene the Werewolf & Of An Empire 3/16 at The Rex Theater. This show was planned to be our album release party for “Good Morning, Every Morning” but we signed to a really great indie label outta NYC called I Surrender Records & we’ve agreed to postpone the release so that they can help us put a proper marketing campaign in place to support the release. We’re working with the label on some sort of free sampler or digital download/PRE-order type deal that we can offer at the show. We will have some great new T-shirt designs available. I’m also terribly excited to play with Gene & OAE; two of the nicest bands on the block. Matt Gray, who is OAE’s drummer, was Bear Cub’s original drummer & one of my very best friends… it’s always great to get to play shows with your favorite people. Also, we LOVE playing at The Rex Theater, it’s such a great room & the sound is amazing. Gene & OAE both put on such great shows, we’re lucky to be from a city that can claim them!”

Josh from 1,2,3 is up next with his pick: “Miniature Tigers at The Club at Stage AE on March 27th. Their debut album is one of the most grotesquely catchy albums to come along in years, and their second album is pretty great too. Originally from Phoenix, and now living in Brooklyn, I met these guys a few years ago while still playing in Takeover UK, and was hooked on their tunes almost instantly. They have been seriously paying their dues over the last couple years, touring relentlessly, and are about to release a new album called Mia Pharaoh. Check out this song from their first record and try to get it out of your brain. You can also stream their new record on Spin right now.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely Kellee Maize’s pick: “Not sure if you have heard about Peaceburgh yet! NakYouOut wrote about the New Years event we did. It was a huge success and I am so excited about all the young people that are involved. For a long time I have been part of these somewhat political, spiritually focused groups that are all about studying consciousness, enlightening practices, indigenous prophecy/wisdom/ceremony, yoga, sound healing, activism and so much more. All of these gatherings and events really have something for everyone, but it seemed like I was always one of the only young people there. Suddenly, like I had always dreamed, it has exploded and there is a large force of 18-30 year olds behind everything now. We call it the “Young Tribe” for fun, and the community at large has several events coming up. One I am excited about is an artists showcase. I will be speaking at the event about Transformation Alliance Peaceburgh (T.A.P) with my mentor Vikki Hanchin, who inspired an international buzz regarding Pittsburgh’s connection to the Mayan Prophecy and also helped unite this community. More information can be found here. The Peaceburgh Artist Showcase will be held at the First United Methodist Church, a super beautiful church that has been kind enough to offer space. It is located on the corner of Aiken, Baum & Center in Shadyside on Saturday March 3 from 6PM-midnight & Sunday March 4 from 12-3PM. The event will host local vendors featuring affordable handmade arts, crafts, jewelry, clothing, & more. It will also feature local musicians, collaborative jam/drum session, healing modalities including Reiki massage, sound healing, as well as psychic readings, divination, and healthy vegan, & raw food. It is suggested that you donate $5-10 but no one will be turned down for lack of funds. For vendor/healer/musician inquiries, contact my boy Chad at I am also super exited about seeing my boys Nice Rec and Buscrates with their band ELQ at the VIA event this Thursday at Shadow Lounge. I haven’t been able to catch a show and I am so itching to enjoy their talent live! Hope to see yinz this week. :)”

We’ll have an exclusive interview with Black Milk later in the week, so keep your eyes peeled! Until next time!

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