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Published On August 2, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

The Identity Festival is quickly approaching. If you haven’t snabbed your $20 GA tickets by now, you’re behind. Perhaps they will run another special on tickets before the 13th. If not, you might as well pay full price for this lineup. Or, you can enter our latest contest for a chance to win two GA tickets! The festival just released an app for both Android and iPhone users. They’ll be revealing set times via the app, so we recommend the download to keep yourself in-the-know. I’m still trying to figure out how the 3-stage setup at First Niagara will work, but I talked with a trusted source and he reminded me of the smaller stage at the top of the lawn area at stage right. Apparently a 3rd stage is sometimes set up in the parking lot. We’ll just have to see how this ends up going down! In the meantime, we’re going to be profiling each of the acts, stage-by-stage during the next two weeks. First up is the Advent Stage, which is sponsored by Advent Clothing Company.

White Shadow – There is only one word necessary to sum up this fella: Lady Gaga. DJ White Shadow produced her latest album, Born This Way and is responsible for remixing many of her tracks. Based out of Chicago, he’s often described as crunk, thrash or ghettotech, though I’m really struggling to find the ghetto aspect of Gaga’s music. I would consider him to be a fairly poppy, mainstream deejay who fans of Mark Ronson would love. Hehe.

Steve Lawler – Apparently Mr. Lawler has a bit of a cough, but that’s alright, cos he’s a deejay, and they don’t really need to do much talkin’. He’s based outta England and gained interest in the music scene by listening to pirate radio stations. How endearing. This guy is world-renowned in the deejay scene and has been signed by some of the most established recording labels in the biz. He held a nine-year residency at the Balearic club space in Ibiza, He plays techno, house and electronica, which can be described at times as dark and sexy. This ain’t yo grandma’s house music (but wouldn’t that be cool if grandma listened to house!?). Read more about him over at RA.

Darius Syrossian – This cat has strong ties to Steve Lawler and is another veteran of the international house scene. His recent gig at Sonar resulted in an offer for a residency at legendary Manchester club Sankeys, which was voted the number one club in the world by DJ Magazine. He is a producer, deejay, label owner and has a radio show that is broadcast in over 30 countries. Don’t believe me? Read all about him over at RA.

Leon – Leon is one of the artists responsible for recently re-inventing the sound of house. His fans include peers Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos and many other reputable house deejays. He recently had a track place at #45 in RA‘s top 50 for July 2011. He’s been a reputable deejay in Italy for about 10 years, but it wasn’t until he started pushing his skills as a producer that he saw his fame break through to the next level. Read more about him over at RA.

LA Riots – A group named for their aggressive and rebellious sound, the dj duo blends elements of techno, house and drum & bass. LA Riots has toured with The Crystal Method and MSTRKRFT in 2009 and were named one of Winter Music Conference’s ‘Break Out Stars’ by Beatport in 2010. They’ve produced tracks for Kylie Minogue and remixed the likes of Weezer and Lady Gaga. LA Riots are paving their way in the electronic music scene. Won’t you join them?

Manufactured Superstars – Comprised of Denver-based deejays Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo, Manufactured Superstars are known for playing straight-up party music. They don’t claim to be too avant-garde or progressive, instead, they aim to play accessible music. They also gained cred by editing their live deejay sets with bootlegs and personalized remixes. These are my kinda fellas. Save the pretentiousness for another day cos’ it’s time to party with pop stars from the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s.

Chad Hugo – Fooled again. Little did I know that Chad Hugo is one half of the powerhouse producing duo The Neptunes along with who I believe to be one of the sexiest black men on the planet, Pharrell Williams. He’s also a member of N.E.R.D.. Yep, you heard it here first. Some may call my tastes strange, some may give me props. Anyhoo, a man of many talents, Hugo plays the saxophone, piano and guitar. Recent projects include teaming up with Hip Hop Dan to create the DJ team “Missile Command” who are releasing tracks under the Fool’s Gold label. I’ll be curious to see what this dude ends up playing. Either way, I bet it will be good.

Marshall Barnes – This guy is managed by the same team as another Identity fest artist, Holy Ghost!. He got his first set of tables at 16, though he had been playing the drums for about seven years prior. Promoters in the LA area caught wind of his unique style and started booking him for gigs. He attributes a lot of his success to DJ AM, who Barnes became inseparable with after AM took him under his wing as he eventually worked his way up to an opening slots on AM’s tours. In addition to AM, he cites DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premiere and A-Trak as his influences.

RioTGeaR – These guys have me confused. I read this: “Their sound is most often dependant upon the venue. In club atmospheres their style is best described as a mixture of House and Progressive that is bouncy, energetic and moving. In rave atmospheres their style is a mixture of Progressive and Trance that is deep, aggressive and high energy.” – – and I think, ok, these guys sound like they’re versatile and whatnot. High-energy, however, is debatable, because I see them appearing on lineups with a lot of minimal techno deejays. Hell, I’m not even sure if this photo is of them. This elusive pair has me quite intrigued, aside from the corny capitalization of their name 🙂

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