Humanaut's End of Summer BBQ

Published On September 10, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Are you ready to squeeze the last bit of sunshine out of summer that you possibly can? Are you not quite ready for cardigans, boots, football and pumpkin flavored everything? You’re not alone. This is why we’re glad our friends over at Humanaut want to extend the season by throwing an end of summer bash to end all bashes. Just when you think you can’t have any more baked beans or potato salad, BAM – Humanaut serves it up once more at Millvale Riverfront Park, the location of their BBQ with Jus-Ed that popped off two years ago.

Now you might be wondering – what does an old lady have to do with good tunes and BBQing? A lot! Her name is Popsicle Lady and she’s made popsicles sexy again, as if they ever weren’t, and she’ll be watching over all of us as we dance the day away. Even after all the popsicles have melted, she’ll be there. this lady is everywhere.

$10 bucks gets you all the meat you would ever want in one day. The dynamic duo of J Ferrese & Toby smoke their meat days in advance, so you know it will be juicy, tender and DELISH. It’s recommended to bring a side dish, and ya better bring something good. These Humanaut boys eat well, how else do you think they keep their foxy figures? This event is 21+ and is BYOB. There are plenty of picnic tables, a covered pavilion and grassy space to post up and do your thang.

The following DJs will be providing the soundtrack to your day and cater to a variety of tastes to fill your ear holes with sounds familiar and unknown:

Caley Martin – All the way from CA. And he’s a ginge to boot!
Chris O’Connor – This dude tore it up at the Out Of Order: Infinite State Machine All-vinyl Showcase but you were probably too drunk to remember.
Jarrett Tebbets – Holds it down on the reg at OTB Bicycle Cafe and his monthly at Remedy, Amalganation. Expect to see a lot more of this dude in the coming months as people become more acquainted.
Phase Ghost – This mysterious fella used to play a lot of raves, and doesn’t play out much these days, so expect a lot of freshness from this dude.
Mr. Owl – Mr. Owl has made quite the name for himself in the past year or so, collaborating with other Pittsburgh taste makers and releasing fresh mixes in conjunction with TimeBomb or his PIC’s Jack Wilson and Spaed.
Tom Brown – Whether he’s building spaceship DJ booths or packing Eclipse during his monthly, Old Tad Mom Crown AKA Mad Tom Brown is a veteran of the PGH dance music scene.
Philo – Former Humanaut member and all around foxy dude, Philo has been working on new projects lately and is ready to make a comeback.

There are only 200 tickets available for this event, so buy now and thank us later. This will be your last chance to BBQ until next year, so DO IT RIGHT!

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