Humanaut Presents: Machine Language

Published On December 12, 2013 | By Jeff Ihaza | Music

main_fit_300The metallic wasteland that dystopian films like Blade Runner will have you believe is in our not-so-distant future doesn’t sit quite right with technophiles. Where some find our continued integration with the digital world to be a cause for worry, Pittsburgh-based Humanaut see it as a recipe for an awakening.

The collective of techno and house DJs have been committed to bringing some of the most finely curated selections of electronic music to Pittsburgh since 2006. Past guests include Craig Kuna, Octave One, Stewart Walker and Sascha Funke, all who have performed alongside Humanaut’s in-house DJs at a number of local venues.

This Saturday December 14th the collective, in conjunction with Wood Street Galleries, will host “Machine Language,” an audio visual event exploring the relationship between man and machine. The line-up for the event features innovative techno and electronic artists who push the boundaries of expression using digital tools.

Humanaut co-founder and DJ Aaron Clark says the event is about letting technology speak, with music, to an outside perspective of human nature.

“The majority of the artists on this lineup are playing live, and thus actually letting the machines “speak” directly to us.” Clark said,”Much of the music we’re involved with is built upon translating human thought and emotion through the machines used to make the music – it can abstract the human element to the point where it is nearly unrecognizable. Through this show, we’re showcasing that directly.”

The event also features live visuals by Matthew Sterling, continuing the progressive overlap between visual arts and live music in Pittsburgh. Clark Describes Sterling’s work as “really synthetic, ranging from huge color swaths to weird, intricate moving textures.”

Machine language, the all-night electronic music exposition, features a number of internationally-known artists.

The line-up includes:


Kevin Reynolds



Relative Q

The 2-part, into the early morning event starts at Wood Street Gallery with performances from Orphx, Kevin Reynolds and Revy. Things move from Wood Street to BYOB-friendly Hot Mass for after hours performances by Sassmouth and Relative Q. Tickets are available online.

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