Humanaut Presents Claude Young

Published On September 6, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

After conducting a Google image search of Claude Young, I can tell you that he loves to doob it up and enjoys putting his hands in front of his face. No need to hide, Mr. Young. You certainly can’t hide from those of us in the Pgh who have been patiently awaiting your arrival. Clear your schedule this Saturday, September 10, and prepare to enter the time warp that is Belvedere’s only to be whisked away into a world of unparalleled, top-notch Detroit techno. The Humanaut boys are bringing out the soul-shaking four-corner sound system and LED board that made its debut at their recent DVS-1 event. If you were in attendance, then you know what’s up. It’s time, however, to school yourself on the one-and-only Claude Young.

Oops! I meant Jr., as there is a Claude Young Sr. who in fact founded Detroit hip-hop/R&B radio station WJLB. Papa Young was a moderator/DJ at the station and helped introduce his son to the wonderful world of music. It was only a matter of time before the deep roots of Detroit techno took hold of Claude Young Jr. and he began to work on the productions of another legendary Detroit deejay, Kevin Saunderson. I had the pleasure of seeing both of these fellas play at Movement 2011. I totally called it in my recap! Maybe I do know what’s up. URB called it too, mentioning Claude Young first in their “Best and Worst of Movement 2011“. Young’s festival-closing set on the “Made In Detroit” stage was a highlight of the festival for me and helped to affirm that my inexperienced electronic music-loving ears have a serious soft spot for this type of techno.

What better way to get familiar than to hear it from the horse’s mouth? RA did an excellent interview with Young right after his much talked-about Movement set. I dig that he’s not all about image, because so many deejays let the biz get to their heads. Once you’re done reading up, check out a mix he did last year. Try not to dance, I dare ya. One of Humanaut’s very own, Aaron Clark, recommends this mix as well. I’d suggest cancelling your plans for Sunday. You won’t be in bed early enough to have one.

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