Going Blonde

Published On February 3, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

I remember being in the dark, hazy confines of Helter Shelter on a random night last summer, or maybe it was early spring. I was drunk. The music was on-point. One tends to get burned out if they go to a lot of the same shows, but this one was on a different level. I didn’t know who or what I was listening to, I just knew it was good. It wasn’t even the booze. It was stand-next-to-the-drum-set-without-any-earplugs good. Blondes had just started playing, and then the fuzz decided they’d take a giant dump on everyone’s righteous evening. I had a purse full of PBR and a serious case of musical blue balls.

Luckily Blondes were in town to play a gig elsewhere. Score! I ended up catching their full set and have been a big fan ever since. Their web presence has been a bit sketchy, until now. I couldn’t find much about them other than their myspace page. I’m a fan of bands who find it necessary to have a myspace and still find it relevant, especially in cases like this.

Recently the New York Times decided to do a blurb on their fashion. What!? I mean come on, these guys look straight up silly. They look like they’re fresh outta Brooklyn, perhaps because they are. I’ll let their kooky fashion sense slide for the simple fact they’ll probably blow up soon and be able to afford some better digs. NPR is even hot on their trail, featuring them in their latest “All Songs Considered” series. I must say I’m impressed, NPR. Didn’t think you were that hip.

If you’d like to catch a Blondes show in the Pgh, don’t hold your breath. They’re currently on tour with Simian Mobile Disco. Maybe one day…

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