Framework Music & Arts Fest Hits Pittsburgh this Spring

Published On April 5, 2016 | By Cassie Majewski | Music

Nevada Color

Pittsburgh’s rising temperatures mean festival season is almost here, and in a city full of talented musicians and artists, we couldn’t be more excited. Kicking off the spring and summer seasons with a bang is WYEP’s inaugural Framework Music and Arts Festival–a unique twist on the average music fest.

On May 7, indie music lovers of all ages are invited to the RE360 Warehouse in Allentown for a stacked night of audio and visual artwork. The idea for the festival was conceived by Dan Evans, of Emerson Jay, and was brought to fruition with the help of two members of Nevada Color, Max Kovalchuk and Adam Valen.

Hannah Altman

Hannah Altman

“It kept snowballing from just a music concert to a music and arts festival,” Valen shared with us recently. “The three of us all have very, very talented friends that are all artists. [Framework] has become a collective of visual artists, photographers, painters and visual sculptors.”

One of the main goals of the festival is to unify a community of artists from the South Side of Pittsburgh and bring a well-needed vitality to Allentown. Over several months of planning, the team began working with Industry on Industry, a local charitable organization, to achieve this goal.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Industry on Industry for projects to further the growing South Side community. One project involves providing rentals for empty spaces that local artists can exhibit work, or perform in, at a heavily discounted price.

So who should you expect to see at Framework Fest? Artists on the set list include Andre Costello and the Cool Minors, Donora, Emerson Jay, Wreck Loose and Nevada Color–who ensure us they have something special planned for the audience. NC band members will also release new music on USB wristbands for festival-goers that can be reused at their future performances.

Highway Robbery

Highway Robbery

On the visual side of the spectrum, guests can check out photography from Hannah Altman, who’s been featured in Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post for her intriguing work; live welding and sculptures from Mobile Sculpture Workshop; and fashion pieces for sale from Highway Robbery Vintage Clothing. There will also be a Chinese auction, a raffling off of tickets for this fall’s annual Thrival Festival, Stage AE show tickets, local record store promotions, and more.

“We’re hoping that the festival is successful in its first year, and people see the potential to raise more money from and for the community by having this a second year,” Valen said. “We hope, by then, to be able to give back even more.”

Tickets for Framework are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. In addition, the festival will be live streamed from Allentown’s Epicast Network. Don’t miss your chance to catch a fun-filled day brought to you by a few of PGH’s beloved musicians and artists.

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