Farewell To Adia

Published On January 25, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Sarah McLachlan said farewell to Adia back in the day, and now it’s your turn, PGH. Farewell To Adia is going down this Saturday at the Thunderbird Cafe and will be headlined by PGH’s own East Liberty Quarters, who you might have noticed on the cover of the City Paper this week. Andy Mulkerin has done a great job profiling the band, which is comprised of veteran deejays Nice Rec, Buscrates and Grand Ear. Hop on over to the CP’s website and check out the write-up, which also includes some performance footage. You can peep some of their tracks here, but for now, we’re going to give you the lo-down on the other bands performing that night.

You might remember RIVKA from our interview with Jules Levine, who selected the band to perform at the first installment of Local Beat, a new monthly club night at Brillobox showcasing Pittsburgh’s finest producers, DJs, and electronic music artists. Their sets induce a dreamlike state, blurring the lines between experimental electronic, trip-hop and everything in between. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their edit of Sigur Ros’ “All Alright,” we highly recommend you do so! They’ve been gaining a lot of momentum since I first saw them perform during the Vitaminwater “Uncapped” series back in 2011. Expect a lot more from them in 2012.

Self-proclaimed artist extraordinaire Adia is moving to Brooklyn in a few short weeks and this party is celebrating her departure. Adia usually performs alongside original beats, which are played by a guest DJ. Photography, painting, writing and music are some of uber-creative Adia’s interests. Hop on over to this page to hear some sounds.

Watabou is the solo electronic project from the mind of multi-instrumentalist Travis Jarosz. Hailing from the Detroit area, a haven for like minded electronic musicians, Watabou’s experimental style has been commonly referred to as a “heavily psychological and philosophical musical endeavor.” Bring your boomers!

And last but not least, our homies Tracksploitation, whom we recently interviewed for their headlining gig at The Rex, will be hittin the stage! They’ve been stepping their game up as of recent, and gigging hard. Check out a mix 1/2 of the duo, JCT45, just released to get you pumped for the evening.

This show is brought to you by Iron City Sound, who is dedicated to fostering the advancement of local musicians, spotlighting regional and national acts in Pittsburgh and blending our hometown music culture and Iron City Beer into one mighty, satisfying groove!

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