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Published On February 6, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

AOKPittsburgh’s house and techno scene has been on the rise for some time now thanks to the likes of promoters such as Humanaut, Honcho, Detour, Obvious and a few others. These crews are now working together to unify the scene even more and solidify its place on the national circuit. Others are starting to notice what we’ve got going on here, and so, this allows us to recruit bigger and better talent to the city, a feat that is well deserved for a community of attendees and promoters that have been supporting the scene for years.

The newest addition to the array of solid parties thrown on any given weekend in Pittsburgh begins this Saturday with the launch of A-OK at Cruze Bar in the strip. Traditionally known as a gay club, Cruze will be stripped down to bare bones and re imagined in alignment with A-OK’s vision. Their mission statement reads:

A party that’s bigger than one crew, or one type of person. It’s not gay or straight. Your problems don’t exist in here. Only dance music does. Everything’s gonna be A-OK!

But this party is going to be more than OK. It’s going to be bangin, no doubt. This Saturday’s launch will host local heavyweights Pittsburgh Track Authority and the “Godson of Detroit House” Rick Wilhite.

Humanaut/Honcho’s Aaron Clark is one of the primary individuals responsible for the realization of this endeavor. Upon launching, he had this to say:

The convergence of the queer and music head crowds in this city over the past year or two has been amazing to watch happen. To see re-happen, I should say. To us, it seems like just the start of what can be done. There is a need to bring that vibe into a larger space and feed it even more. That’s where this whole A-OK idea comes from. Look at this as a test run. We’re going to see what we can do in a club that doesn’t get the credit it deserves, and is perfectly set up for a dance rager. Our goal here is to bring even more people from more walks of life into one room. It’s something that doesn’t happen enough in Pittsburgh, and we think dance music is the perfect recipe to make this happen again. It has been the case ever since this music start hitting dance floors so long ago.

Being the smart man that he is, he recruited some of the city’s best underground dance music promoters to get in on the action, including Detour and Obvious.

When Aaron messaged us to be a part of A-OK, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Detour has always been in support of Humanaut, Honcho, and Obvious. We are always impressed by their bookings and shows and even more we love collaborating with them. Yes, it’s true that all the groups involved have their own kind of style, but A-OK isn’t about labeling a night as a techno night or a hip-hop night. It’s about creating a feeling in a space where nothing matters but having a good time.

– Juan-Augusto Lafontaine, Detour

When Aaron asked me to grab a beer and talk about “an upcoming project”, I pretty much knew that I was going to be on board before I opened the restaurant door. This really is a melting pot of different events and promoters coming together to make a party for everyone. No definitive roles or genres, just a killer dance party on a bangin’ sound system.

– Erin Cooper, Obvious

So we’ll see you Saturday, Pittsburgh. Be a part of the next chapter of underground dance music parties in the city. Help make it happen. And continue on until the wee hours a few blocks away at Hot Mass, who’ll be hosting an Official Movement Festival Pre-party with Daniel Bell.

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