Evaline’s Bizarre Costume Cabal & Freak Scene

Published On June 16, 2015 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Evaline FlyerYes, THAT Evaline, the place responsible for throwing 20 years of some of the best Halloween parties in the country, is BACK! After a three-year hiatus, the folks behind Evaline have returned to throw a party this Friday, June 19, deemed Evaline’s Bizarre Costume Cabaal & Freak Scene, claiming “Halloween is dead. But The Evaline lives.” This weekend’s solstice signifies a time for renewal, and so, rather than doing the same ol’, they’re reinventing the party for the ultimate comeback. We had a chance to speak with Chris Potocki, one of the organizers, to find out what inspired this change and why they’ve returned.

This year’s party features entertainment from DJ Pistol “Sneaky” Pete, who will be playing mashups of 60s songs, as well as Blue Coupe, which features members Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper) and Joe and Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult). This party is serving as Dunaway’s book release for “Snakes, Guillotines and Electric Chairs”, which is about his time touring with the Alice Cooper band. We asked Chris how this came to be. He claims,

Derek, the owner, has been an Alice Cooper superfan his whole life. Over the last couple of years, he has been able to befriend Dennis Dunaway (the original bassist from Alice Cooper). He is releasing a book about his time in the Alice Cooper group. He has a show at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the same weekend and has decided to celebrate his book release at our event along with Michael Bruce, who is a guitarist with Alice Cooper, and the two Bouchard brothers from Blue Oyster Cult.

It’s important to note, that although this is a costume party, they’re steering clear of Halloween for symbolic reasons.

Evaline just needed to come back to life. People have been asking about it. We didn’t want to bring back the Halloween parties. We wanted to reinvent ourselves and decided to have the party in June to symbolize a rebirth for ourselves. “Resurrecting” it has taken almost 3 years.

Although some of the party’s features will remain the same, such as the roller coaster and Twister room, along with some other touches from years past, the continued element of surprise remains. An interesting addition this year is “BYOC for BOC” (Bring Your Own Cowbell for Blue Oyster Cult). The hosts are encouraging guests to help set a Guinness Book record by playing the most cowbells at one time to the seminal hit “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. This event’s theme is late ’60s-era Los Angeles, a time of experimentation, sexual freedom and the psychedelic movement. Attendees are highly encouraged to wear costumes inspired by this era. The freakier, the better.

“Our parties always try to take it to a weird level. We’re giving people something they can only get in Pittsburgh. I think it’s because it’s in a house, it’s not pretentious, and it’s an offbeat secret that people really appreciate. Its not trying to be more than it is. We’re just a bunch of wackos putting together a party with a limited budget using our imaginations.”

Presales are highly encouraged, and you can save yourself $10 bucks off the $50 ticket price. Tickets can be purchased the old school way by calling 412 681 9677 to pick up tickets at the house, by Paypal (dereckwalton@netscape.net), or here. Admission includes complimentary booze and beer courtesy of Full Pint, as well as their famous grilled franks and other food. The festivities begin at 8PM and go until 2AM. See you at the freak show!

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