Escape to the Dance Floor @ HONCHO/Humanaut’s Runaway Weekend

Published On November 30, 2015 | By Leah Kennedy | Music

Photo Cred: HONCHO

As another year comes to a close, it’s safe to say that our sweaty afterhours affairs at Hot Mass are among our top cherished moments of 2015.

From the dark depths of Detroit, to Berlin basements, coveted global acts have graced us with their presence on the dance floor; and it’s all thanks to the venue’s dedicated organizers and local promotors we’ve come to know and love.

Artists like dirtybird juggernauts Justin Martin and Ardalaan, Berghain’s techno queen, Tama Sumo, and Pittsburgh staples like Keeb$, Jwan Allen, Jarett Tebbets and Shawn Rudiman have all graced us with their presence in the booth; and we have a feeling it’s only the beginning of this special hideaway’s late-night reign.

Photo Cred: Humanaut

Photo Cred: Humanaut

Local organizers at our favorite queer rager collective HONCHO and esteemed hometown DJ crew/production vets of Humanaut have been working hard to ensure we kick off the last month of 2015 the right way. And they’ve got a scandalous series of soirees in the works for all you late night lovers…

On December 4 and 5, you’re invited to leave your stress, responsibilities and brain cells at home, and escape with them at Runaway Weekend–a two-day shindig packed with whimsical sounds to stroke your eardrums.

The crews are bringing in some top-notch talent to keep you moving all night long. Preview the acts below, and be sure to prep your minds and bodies accordingly, since sore joints and rave plague tend to flair up in the winter…

Derek Plaslaiko; 12-hour Boiler Room set

Derek Plaslaiko; 12-hour Boiler Room set

Part One: Derek Plaslaiko (Humanaut)

While growing his knowledge of Detroit’s thriving rave scene in the mid-90s, Derek Plaslaiko got his start selling records to house heads and affiliates of the local music circuit at Record Time. He eventually worked his way into earning a residency at Family, a Tuesday night weekly. After winning over audiences and artists alike amongst Motor City’s underground music community, Plaslaiko was asked by the legendary Carl Craig to play the first edition of Detroit Electronic Music Festival. He later relocated to NYC, where he established another residency at The Bunker and eventually began producing his own music.

A 20-year veteran to the game, Plaslaiko has ventured around the world, playing esteemed venues like Smart Bar and Berghain, and alongside heavyweights like Daniel Bell and Marcel Dettmann. He’s had notable releases on multiple labels and imprints, like Perc Trax, Minus, and Interdimensional Transmissions. Some of you DEMF/Movement vets may recognize the latter; Interdimensional Transmissions plays a huge part in putting on one of Movement’s most beloved afterparties, No Way Back, of which Plaslaiko has also graced the lineup.

Plaslaiko will perform a 7-hour set on Friday, and although it’s no small feat, it’s definitely not his first marathon rodeo–he once played a 12-hour Boiler Room set straight out of his own living room (the longest in Boiler Room history). Curious to what your ears are in store for? Preview his Minus Connections set below:




Dubbed as a “party for gentleman who like the boom,” WRECKEDnyc residents Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith are largely responsible for amping up NYC’s underground, playing host and providing entertainment at parties all over the city.

Through eblasts and whisper campaigns, they utilize a perfect combination of modern communication strategy and old-school outreach to keep things personal and generate excitement amongst their dedicated crowd. (Email them to jump on the list if you’re interested in finding out more.)

Along with manning the decks themselves, their past party guests have included the likes of Discodromo (Berlin), Tim Sweeney (NYC), and HONCHO’s own, Aaron Clark, among many others.

Preview the duo’s Bunker Podcast below, and get ready to sweat profusely for the second night in a row:

Runaway Weekend kicks off just before midnight on Friday, December 4 with Derek Plaslaiko. Same time, same place for WRECKEDnyc on Saturday the 5th. As always, guests are encouraged to BYOB, and the parties won’t stop ’til the sun rises.

Be sure to check up on both event pages for more info on cheap hotel stays, set times, and more.

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