Emancipator at The Rex

Published On February 8, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

To be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy Emancipator. This might have a lot to do with his connection to STS9’s 1320 Records, who re-released his debut album Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, which originally debuted in Japan. Part trip hop, part downtempo, part oddity, Emancipator is difficult to classify. I thought I wasn’t going to this gig until a friend of mine happened to play some tracks in the car, which left me very intrigued. His sound, described by Rolling Stone as, “…beautifully mixing hip hop beats with guitar feedback and a delicate piano melody,” sounds right up my alley, so next time I will refrain from my preconceived notions of labels and genres they cater to and instead go on an artist-to-artist basis.

So what can I possibly say about Emancipator to make you want to go if you haven’t already made your mind up? Listen to some tracks, for starters. The tour and album artwork is also pretty cool too. The feeling it evokes is very appropriate for this time of year. Some other fun facts about Emancipator – his song “Maps” was played at the Beijing Olympics; he has a Puma sponsorship; and his debut album, produced by Japanese super-producer Nujabes, sold 5,000 copies during the first six months of its release. Dude was only 19 when all of this happened. Dayom! At 25 and with six years of fame under his belt, we find Emancipator blending new instrumentation and organic samples in his latest release, Safe In The Steep Cliffs, while still keeping his signature style of clean production, silky melodies and pulsing drums.

I did a Google image search of this cat and found that he’s often accompanied by a dude with a violin onstage. I also see a tinge of ginge hair in that beard of his. If so, baybay, call me up, you’re totally my type. I’ll be listenin’ to your remix album until then. I quite like it. Does that make me a true fan or a poser?

Tour support for Emancipator is Little People, who describe their sound as “downtempo insturmental hip hop with beats and bleeps.” What a coinkydink! I am all about the beats and bleeps. Throw a couple bloops in there for shits and giggles too, will ya? You can download half of their album on their website and read an interview with the band here. I’ll let you know if they end up just being little kids with Fisher Price pianos or what (which I’ve seen a band do before and it didn’t turn out too badly).

Tickets are $12 and doors are at 8. See you there!

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