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Published On March 21, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

I went and saw a fantastic little show this past weekend at Club Cafe. I don’t get excited about seeing shows there because it’s either horribly crowded or I’m the only broad who shows up. Never a happy medium. This time, however, I went with my bff/pro concert attendee, and he made sure to get there early to scoop some seats for the rest of us. I like being right up front when I can, and this was certainly one of those occasions where it payed off. We were there to see our friend’s band. I didn’t know he was in a new band, but I knew his previous band White People was bad ass, so I had a feeling his new project would be pretty on point as well. Little did we know a band named Dream Job would steal the show.

This was one of the rare occasions where you commit not knowing what to expect and end up wowed. It’s like the one time I randomly went to the dollar movie and ended up crying for the last 20 minutes of the film because I was so moved. And this broad doesn’t cry much. I won’t say what movie it was. Instead, I will tell you about Dream Job and how talented they are. I had a difficult time finding many videos, but they released some pretty official-looking ones, like this one below:

While this video does no justice to their live presence, the indie folk rockers’ fresh approach to the genre was certainly ear-catching. They also had a drummer when they played, which definitely intensified the experience. If your curiosity is as peaked as mine was, I suggest checking out their blog. It hasn’t been updated in a bit, but it provides a lot of insight to their approach as artists. Really impressive cats. Can’t wait to see them again.

Though I feel bad for neglecting the band we went there to see, Dream Job is more up my alley. Clinton Clegg and the Backstabbing Good People were good – no denying that. I was impressed with their following. They packed the house for Club Caf’s early show and people were partying like it was 1AM. Clinton Clegg is an intriguing character. Everyone seemed to hold some type of revere for the man. I was surprised to learn of his real age, which is somewhere around 29 or 30 – and it baffles me. He sings like he’s had his heart broken about forty times. He dressed a bit more mature than other musicians his age would, and his voice sounded like it could have come from the mouth of a 50 year old black man who smoked two packs a day. Not bashing it – it totally worked – just surprised. It was uplifting to see the quality of musicians this town is producing. It’s good to know that even someone as on top of the local scene as myself can still go to a show and discover a local band or two that would knock most people’s socks off. It’s a step in the right direction, Pgh.

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