DIY/Punk/Indie Yinzers, The Gotobeds, Sign Record Deal with Sub Pop

Published On April 13, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | Music
the gotobeds pittsburgh events

Photo from The Gotobeds’ Bandcamp profile.

After six years of kicking around in recording studios and making the decidedly imperative move from Chicago to Pittsburgh, The Gotobeds have finally been signed – and with Seattle-based record label, Sup Pop Records, nonetheless. Sup Pop is most famous for their role in the indie, punk, and rock realms, having signed bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes, Washed Out, and now, The Gotobeds.

The Gotobeds’ singer/guitarist, who currently goes by Hazy Lazer, calls the up-and-coming band’s music “a mish-mash of DIY/Punk/Post-Punk/Indie sounds a la The Fall, early Pavement, Wire, Wipers, Mission of Burma, Sonic Youth, Total Control, Tyvek, Protomartyr, etc.” This sounds like a lot – I know. But after listening to their LP, “Poor People Are Revolting,” the smorgasbord of references seems totally appropriate.

“Poor People Are Revolting” is a collection of totally new, sonically pleasing tracks, including Pixies-esque vocal shifts, quick verses, and strung out chords. It’s almost impossible to find one group to compare them to, so you’ll have to listen to the 2014 LP yourself. They’ve got a bubbly indie vibe going on (almost like Sleater-Kinney’s new album, “No Cities to Love”), but they also bring something completely new to the table in their vocalist’s talky voice and their jammy, simple guitar riffs.

poor people are revolting pittsburgh events

Since 2009, the group has been experimenting tirelessly to try and find their ‘sound.’ They admit to being “initially pretty terrible,” but Sub Pop testified to having been fans of the group since their inception. According to NPR, the group is “built on the intersecting bedrock of post-punk and indie rock” that’s become so popular in the DIY crowd. Sub Pop picked up on this, and they’ve finally sorted everything out – The Gotobeds are officially a Sub Pop Records band.

As the group celebrates their success, they’re touring with sound-alike group, Protomartyr. The groups both tend to fall at the intersections of punk, indie, and rock, making for what’s sure to be a kick-ass tour. Beginning in Pittsburgh on April 8 at Gooski’s, the tour is traveling through the Northeast and making their way down to DC, North Carolina, and Georgia, among several other cities.

Keep an eye out for new The Gotobeds albums under Sub Pop – ‘Burghers, you should be proud! This band is going to blow up pretty soon, so start listening now if you want to get ahead of the game.

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