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Ya see that right over there? That’s paint. Apparently there’s this little party coming to town that takes said paint and launches it at the audience. Apparently that’s their version of fun. I, however, just don’t get it. And as you know, when I don’t get something, I tend to be pretty harsh. Let’s explore this notion, this Dayglow tour, this fine example of how the electronic scene has gone mainstream and totally splooged all over its audience with, yup, paint.

The first thing that comes to mind – this will be the death of many a furry boot. I can’t imagine you can wash those things. Actually, it might not be a bad idea to bring a weathered pair of furry boots so that you can cover up the massive amount of shit they’ve probably accumulated by now. I’m sure paint is a great band-aid for crusty furry boots. Second thing – what the hell do you do with your cell phone, because come on, like anyone whose going can live without it for more than five seconds. Other than having paint crammed into every crack of your bod, what’s the appeal? You can’t really argue it’s about the music, because if it were just about the music, this would be a regular ol’ bleepy bloop tour, sans paint.

It isn’t enough to purchase a GA ticket and call it a day, either. On top of the tiered pricing of the tour, which is the most un-customer friendly way to sell tickets in the history of ticketing, you also have to purchase paint if you want to partake in the goopy action. I suppose you could also roll around on the ground for a bit and give out random hugs, that might do the trick too. If you want to be a paint aggressor, though, you must suck it up and buy paint. Not sure if this event is BYO paint. I hope it’s non-toxic paint. I got Crayola washable marker on my hand a few weeks ago after making a poster and I couldn’t get that shit off for like 12 hours, and that’s for kids. I can’t imagine how many showers you have to take to get Dayglow’s paint off. Oh, look, here’s a trailer:

I would like to play devils advocate and say that I wouldn’t be writing about this event if I weren’t a bit curious. All is not lost. I don’t think it’s a total bust, I just don’t see the appeal. Maybe I need to loosen up. Until then, I would love to hear about what unfolds after Dayglow touches down at the Station Square Ampitheater this Saturday. I would also love to talk to some of the security or venue staff, who will surely be quitting their jobs after they unwillingly subject themselves to getting doused in paint for an entire evening. Poor bastards.

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