Published On February 7, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

You know the routine. Another weekend, another mediocre hipster dance party at Brillobox. Or so you thought! O, Dang! is the brainchild of Adam Cucitroa, aka Cucitroa. Best known for being one of the founding fathers of the ‘Get Weird’ monthly dance parties at Remedy, Cucitroa has been sneakin’ up on the scene for a while now. He’s been found on the bill at many well-known ‘haps such as Sneaky Mike’s zip line parties and Lazercrunk’s rad throwdown at Mexico City last year. If you haven’t caught a set of his by now, then clearly you don’t get out enough.

I was pleasantly surprised to see him step his game up with an event of his own – O, Dang! The name originates from his website, DANGorang.com, which more DJs should be doing. I would rather see my dj friends’ recommendations in a neatly packaged blog like so, than have what their currently crushin’ on pop up in my news feed every 15 minutes. I appreciate this format. It takes the pretentious factor down a notch and doesn’t make me feel completely in the dark while I navigate the already too cluttered confines of my Facebook news feed. A+ for effort, bro.

Bonus points for the crew he chose to share the night with. Jess ‘Nattybohpeep’ did a stellar job of keeping the crowd on their toes. Lauren G and Nikkels always bring it – no surprises there. This combination was the perfect recipe for a sweat-filled evening that rivals only Pandemic on the hot, sweaty and grimy factor.

Open a window next time B-box, eh?

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