Cool Show Alert: Sleigh Bells

Published On July 12, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

What do you get when you cross a schoolteacher with a guitarist from one of the most well-known hardcore bands of the past decade? You get Sleigh Bells, a powerhouse indie duo from Brooklyn who has been rocking the pants off of followers since their debut release, Treats, in 2010. The band’s frontwoman, Alexis Krauss, is arguably one of the hottest females in rock today. Her soft, feminine vocals compliment the harsh, distorted sounds of guitarist Derek Miller quite well to create a unique and infectious sound that’s inspired a new wave of indie pop/rock. I remember the first time I heard a Sleigh Bells song and thought there was something wrong with my headphones or the CD. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can’t deny the badassery the pair possess. I never would have thought to pair such dainty vocals with such harsh guitars, but I love it. They recently released their second album, Reign of Terror, to positive reviews and are currently touring to support the new album. They’ll be playing at Mr. Smalls next Wednesday and filling the room with nothing but sweat and rock ‘n’ roll. The last they touched down in Pittsburgh they played the Brillo Box, so Smalls is a serious upgrade. I’ll be curious to see how their performance has changed since their earlier days. They have double the material now, so their set should be longer. I remember being somewhat disappointed by the short set because they only had an album’s worth of material. Every song on Treats is a gem, though, so they still rocked it out!

Tickets are going fast, so make sure you purchase them in advance. Doors are at 7 and the show starts at 8. Jel and Class Actress are opening. Listen to one of their most well known songs to get you pumped in the meantime:

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