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Published On March 23, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Alright, alright, I know Sunday is a day of rest, but you might want to make an exception this Sunday and check out a righteous show happenin over at Mr. Smalls. The band’s called Fanfarlo, a London-based indie pop outfit who utilize a unique combination of instruments and fuse folk, rock and post-punk to produce a wicked sound. This band’s unlike a lot of others out today, and this ain’t their first rodeo. They’ve played SXSW multiple times and hit the states on occasion, playing gigs like Last Call with Carson Daly and touring here. They just released a new album in February, titled Rooms Filled With Light. The blog Ctrl+Alt+Delight had this to say about the new jams:

“Fanfarlo’s follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2009 debut, Reservoir, is an experimental stride forward, clear past the sophomoric slump that so many bands face. Naturally, Rooms Filled With Light maintains their original dreamy, raw-voiced orchestral pop, but something about it is bigger. It’s more expansive, like they opened up the doors and let their potentials run around in the sun a bit. It manages to be both foreboding and charming, an odd but delightful mixture. It’s full of pent-up energy and urgency. The marriage of synth and orchestra yanks their sound from the dusty crevices of the past and makes it far more modern than their previous album. It’s a very well-composed album–harmonious and optimistic. It lives up to its title. I love its underlying message. Good stuff.”

I thought I’d leave the analysis to a true fan, since this will be my first time seeing Fanfarlo and I’m not trying to be an expert here. All I know is that I was told by a very trusted source that they’re a must-see. I enjoy musical adventures and this should certainly shape up to be one. Check out this sweet interview local blog Pittsburgh Music Report did on the band. Good job guys! Did I mention I’m really diggin this vid?

The show kicks off Sunday the 25th at 8PM (doors at 7). Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.

See yous there!

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