Cool Like Dat (The Redux)

Published On July 19, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Music

The song “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” launched the career of Digable Planets. Their take on the fusion of the cool, classic sounds of jazz and hip hop created an instant classic. Join Rocking Horse Artspace for Cool Like Dat (The Redux), the launch of their new RETRO event series, which intends to combine jazz and hip hop with the “contemporary synergy of local artists”. A variety of local talent shares the bill for this special event.

And the local artists list is long and strong, featuring a live band, TRIO with saxophonist Langson Kelly, the DJ Duo Tracksploitation, Vocalist Anqwenique Wingfield, and a respectable list of local MCs. The event is hosted by D.S. Kinsel. Expect to find unique, creative talent, light eats, and some adult beverages, all for a suggested donation of $5. Yeah, ‘They cool like dat’.

Rocking Horse Artspace, located at 179 43rd Street, has been putting on some innovative shows, so add this to your list of must attend events.  Cool Like Dat kicks off at 7:30pm, on Tuesday July 24th, and jams out until 11pm. The event is part of The Month of Sound at Rocking Horse, sponsored by Iron City Sound.

“We jazz like dat/ We freak like dat/ We zoom like dat/ We out…we out…” – DP

The MCs

Streetline Chris-“Different” video

Mars Jackson- Official video for Floatin

Gene Stovall- Seen here closing up Antuks Cypher 8

Yah Lioness- Seen here at Rhyme Cal

Knowledge Build- Check his beat boxing skills behind Mac Miller

Shad Ali- Seen here with Ghosty

Free (Billy Pilgram)- Performing ‘Free Lunch’

Shay Briggs- Performing ‘Drake City is Mine’

and more….

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