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Published On January 10, 2015 | By Leah Kennedy | Music
Chrome Moses

Chrome Moses

On Friday, Jan. 16, Pittsburgh residents will unite in the town of Bloomfield for an evening of local music to support an important and current cause. BLOOM-FEST (Rock Against Racism) was developed by several members of the Pittsburgh music community as an offering of peace and solidarity to the community as a whole. Organizers hope to raise awareness and funds for anti-brutality issues and unjust causes that have divided our nation — racially, socially, and morally.

Nak You Out recently spoke with Ziggy Sawdust, owner and operator of Ziggy Sawdust Productions, who aided in the planning and preparation of BLOOM-FEST and gave us the lowdown on what it’s all about:

Leah: What was the initial inspiration behind BLOOM-FEST? How did it all come together?

Ziggy: It started when local comedian and activist Davon Magwood, Chet Vincent (of Chet Vincent and the Big Bend), and James Hart (of the Harlan Twins) approached music promoter and community organizer, Mary Jo Coll, two weeks ago in regards to putting together a show that would raise awareness and address issues of brutality and racism in our culture; a show that would unite people in a just cause that would also raise funds to support an organization supporting a similar cause. Mary Jo then reached out to me to assist in organizing and procuring bands. My production company, Ziggy Sawdust Productions, and Green Mountain Energy agreed to provide sponsorship to cover overhead costs. The hours of work and contributions made by everyone involved have proven to be indispensable, as well as the cooperation of the Bloomfield community, itself.

Leah: So what is the ultimate hope for the event and its outcome? What lessons or messages do you hope attendees and participants will take away from it?
Ziggy: We hope that all in attendance realize that by coming together as a community, we can, as people, as a city, make our voices heard and put an end to racism and inequality within our justice system… Though we are all individuals, we all stand united as one.
Leah: Are you planning to hold more events like BLOOM-FEST in the future? Is it possibly something you’d like to make an annual event?
Ziggy: We would love to make Bloomfest an annual event because even though I believe we will see progress in the coming year, I feel these are issues that need to remain in the public’s consciousness. History has proven that the eradication of racism and the fight for civil rights is not a fight won overnight.

BLOOM-FEST begins at 7PM, with performers ranging from a multitude of genres and sounds, including soulful rock n’ roll groovers, Chrome Moses, hip-hop emcee and community activist, Jasiri X, garage pop rockers, Wreck Loose, and alternative rock group, Semi Supervillains.

Semi Supervillains

Semi Supervillains

For just $10, a wristband can be purchased to gain access to all of the venues participating in BLOOM-FEST. All proceeds from wristband sales will be donated directly to We Change Pittsburgh, a recently established organization striving to promote positive social changes in the Pittsburgh area. A full list of venues, artists/musicians performing, and set times can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Don’t miss this opportunity to show your support for local music and a great cause!

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