Bear Cub's New Years Eve-Eve Show

Published On December 29, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Bear Cub, one of our Iron City Sound Ambassadors, is playing a show Friday at Thunderbird, and it’s one not to miss! These fellas aren’t in town full-time, so take advantage of their gig while you can. It’s a rare treat to see them in the PGH and you better believe they will bring the house down with their jams, as they always do. The show is $10 and pops off around 9PM. We had a chance to ask Bear Cub front man Jesse a few questions about his upcoming gig with Gypsy & His Band of Ghosts and City Dwelling Nature Seekers. Check out our short q&a below!

Kymbo Slice: Since this is the second annual New Years Eve-Eve show, do you have any highlights from last year that inspired you to do it again this year?
Jesse Hall: We love playing at the thunderbird cafe. The tightness of the room and the fact the stage is pretty much at floor level makes it feel like you’re playing a house party to 200 of your closest friends. We had a great turn out and response last year, hoping for the same this year.

KS: We know how you feel about Gypsy & His Band of Ghosts from the Iron City pick of the month, what’s your relationship with City Dwelling Nature Seekers?
JH:I’d heard their name around town quite a bit last year then last new years eve I caught their show at the Thunderbird and was blown away. Good songs, fun live band.

KS: Now that you’re in Nashville, what motivates you to stay true to Pittsburgh and come back for shows?
JH: 4 out of 6 of us have roots here in Pittsburgh and this is where Bear Cub began; the fact that our families all still live here and the reaction we receive from Pittsburgh crowds is more than enough to keep us coming back every few months. It’s great seeing all of our friends too, of course. And Dee’s cafe.

KS: What’s in store for Bear Cub in 2012?
JH: A few new albums, a couple new music videos, and a lot more shows.

Stay tuned for our next edition of Iron City Sound Ambassadors’ Pick of the Month to see Bear Cub’s pick for favorite local show of 2011.

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