Be Our Valentine, Trey?

Published On January 27, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

We have a new writer! Let me be the first to introduce you to Aron Elvis Honick, theater geek extraordinaire. He works for Heinz Hall and has his hand in a lot of the cultural haps around town. We couldn’t be happier to start working with this talented cat. I bring to you his first of many recommendations on what’s poppin’ in the Cultural District.

Not YO-YO MA‘s same old symphony…well actually it is, as Mr. Ma played a collaboration performance with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra only weeks before receiving the National Kennedy Center Award back in December of 2011. Yo-Yo Ma has been touring the country recently promoting his newest album The Goat Rodeo Sessions, which is his artistic experiment into the world of bluegrass. So in the spirit of keeping with this outside the box mentality, it’s not yo’ mama’s same old symphony anymore either.

Everyone knows the PSO as a world class, top caliber musical powerhouse. Their name is branded into the city as much as Heinz 57, dem Stillers, and slapping the number “33” on things just because. While the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra still keeps with its traditional series and classical pieces, the symphony has been transcending the generation gaps that seem to exist in our struggling arts community these days. They do this by bringing the well-matured sounds and arrangements to young minds and ears by using familiarity and star power. In recent years they have took on feats of playing concerts consisting of video game soundtracks, Grammy and Oscar Award winning scores, as well as working with Grammy award winning artists Boys II Men, Ben Folds and the world-renowned Celtic Woman.

Now, the Pittsburgh Symphony hopes to transcend to a new market, even a new level of interest and appeal, and open their doors to jam band and festival lovers. How you ask? No, the Symphony will not be dosing its ticket stubs. I’m sure this may have flown in the sixties, but now they are reaching out by bringing these music lovers the founder and front man of cult band Phish – Trey Anasatio. So for all you festival love birds, Phish heads, or music lovers in a committed relationship, start buying your beau flowers, chocolates and jewelry now because Trey’s Valentine this year is the PSO. Yup, that’s right! Start saving up your brownie points now because Trey will be sharing the stage with the Symphony one night only — Valentines Day – Feb 14, 2012 8pm @ Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts.

There currently aren’t tickets available, but stay tuned, as some seats will be released closer to the day of the show. Also, you may even be able to grab a standing room only ticket, even if the seats are sold out! Also, they’re holding the front row contest this week until Friday 2/3 (Find the PSO on Facebook “Like” them and review their notes for further details) Gentleman you’ve been warned… get on it. Ladies, I mean hey, it’s classier than most other options guys have for a romantic attempt. A symphony will be there! Single ladies in their mid-twenties to thirties without mommy issues, how you doin??? I got an extra ticket and need a Valentine. Wassssuuup 😉

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