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Published On January 10, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Yes, yes, we know. But we wanted to! We were curious, and if nothing else, shows like this make for great people watching. It was a cold Sunday in January on the tail end of a huge Steelers loss, but to the 2300 people packed inside the North Shore’s Stage AE, it might has well have been New Years Eve all over again. With virtually every attendee packed into the pit, we watched from above as the scantily clad, neon, sweaty bodies twirled, swayed and fist pumped their evening away. Avicii gave a solid two-hour set that evening and the active crowd soaked up every beat. Regardless of your musical tastes or “more developed” ear for electronic music – one thing I couldn’t help but think was that I’m happy this kind of thing can happen in Pittsburgh. Selling out in a mere two days, Stage AE’s fastest sell-out since opening, one has to wonder where the hell Avicii even came from. I’d never heard of him before this booking, and I consider myself a very active seeker of new music with an above-average pulse on mainstream, indie and underground music. I came prepared to experience the cheese in full effect, but am happy to say my expectations were not entirely met.

Avicii is a Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ, remixer and producer. Also known professionally as Tim Berg and Tom Hangs, Avicii’s hit single “Bromance” charted on the top 20 national single charts of the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. He was recently ranked as 6th in the 2011 Top 100 DJ poll by DJ Mag. His influences include Laidback Luke, Steve Angello, Axwell, Daft Punk and Ste Kirwan, among others. He embarked on his first world tour in 2010 and has played at many reputable festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival, including a headlining slot at the 2011 Inox Festival in France. His 2011 collaboration with David Guetta, “Sunshine”, was recently nominated for a Grammy. Not that being nominated for a Grammy means much in terms of producing quality music these days, but to the masses, it still holds some cred.

Avicii has come to Pittsburgh during a time of rebirth for the electronic scene here, as we’ve referenced many times on NakYouOut and discussed in-depth during our interview with Aaron Clark. So whether or not Avicii is your cup of tea, it’s grooming the younger generation and acclimating them to quality electronic events that don’t necessarily have to be in dilapidated halls or venues that no one else in the city wants to book at. This crowd also needs a quality venue, and I’m not the only one to say this, as Club Zoo is set to open in a new-and-improved location this Saturday.

Our boy Matt took lots of video. Peep this and all of his videos on his YouTube page:

Check out some of the pictures we took. He’s no Skrillex, that’s fa sho’!

[nggallery id=avicii-at-stage-ae]

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