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Published On November 28, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Wolf Eyes is a prominent name in the world of noise music and band founder Nate Young along with former member Aaron Dilloway will be gracing The Shop with their presence this Friday, November 30 for a booze-infused confluence of loops, sounds and experimentation. The show is presented by tcrps and Dynamo Sound Collective, two Pittsburgh-based groups making moves in the experimental/underground music scene here in the city. Both Aaron and Nate Young (under the name Regression), will be performing solo, so expect a lot of unfamiliar sounds to pass through your ear holes if you attend this Friday’s gig at The Shop in Bloomfield, which starts at 8PM. The show is $8 bucks and all-ages. We had a chance to speak with the two locals on the bill, Ryan Emmett and Edgar Um, who are also responsible for bringing this talent to the ‘Burgh, in an effort to learn more about their individual projects and how their relationship with noise acts came about.

Ryan, who recently returned to Pittsburgh after a brief hiatus, finds Dilloway and Young to be an “integral part of the scene I(he) grew up in” and has known them for about 10 years, previously collaborating with Dilloway on a limited-edition cassette recorded by Mike Tamburo at the Winter Void Festival in 2008 and released on the label portion of Dynamo Sound Collective. Friday will be Emmett’s first local solo performance under his legal name and he will also be playing between sets as DJ Paul Collins.

Ed Um, who is reuniting the original lineup for his Cock Scene Investigator project along with band mates Joe Roemer and Nick Painter, has an extensive history in the experimental music scene here in Pittsburgh, getting his start at CMU’s WRCT radio station playing records, which blossomed into a “live performance experimental sound studio”. The show was called “Radio For The People” and eventually led to Um meeting one-half of CSI. “Joe Roemer was co-founder (with Rodger Stella) of a harsh noise group from Monroeville, PA called Macronympha (founded roughly the same year as Radio For The People). We caught wind of each other and I invited Macronympha to perform live on Radio For The People. I produced the session and made noises on it as well. This was circa 1991. Manny Theiner released the session as one half of a split LP in 1992.”

As Ed continued to collaborate with Roemer on noise projects, his interests started to drift towards “live electro-acoustic improvisation and also cutting-edge electronic dance music”. While he began to book more shows, he met and became friends with Nick Painter in 2006, as “he and his young buck crew would attend the weirder, cooler noise and experimental shows”. And so, Cock Scene Investigator was born, “Joe Roemer had become legendary in the international noise scene and Nick wanted very much to meet him. I suggested we start a super group trio with Joe. Our first ever practice session was recorded by Joe and released on 12″ EP on the Trash Ritual label in 2008.”

CSI isn’t Ed’s only gig. He frequently DJs to compliment his other musical hobbies, including another band – Fuck Telecorps – which is “primarily an experimental/conceptual solo project with some usual suspect collaborators, mainly Stephen Boyle and Matt Wellins”. Their most recent release “was the “Hard On/Off Hearong” cassette on Mind Skull (a division of Mind Cure Records of Polish Hill) released in 2011.” He also uses this website to archive his solo and collaborative experimental and curatorial work.

Being such a busy man, Ed finds that the two worlds of electronic/DJ music and noise experimentation compliment one another. “With my live music-making, I try to encourage hard listening and to challenge notions of what is music and what is not, and also to challenge what and how pleasure is derived from listening to music and noise. Live music-making VS. my DJing is sort of a yin/yang relationship. I think it keeps me balanced.”

If you’d like to see Ed in action, check out him, Ryan, Aaron and Nate this Friday at The Shop for their much-anticipated night of noise.

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