The X's Holiday Office Party

Published On November 29, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

105.9 The X is having their annual holiday celebration tomorrow at Stage AE. The show offers a reasonable price point of $25 bones to see four bands. We’re most excited to catch The Joy Formidable, who we missed back in April. Guest blogger Patrick Bowman had a chance to catch their gig at The Smiling Moose and did a little review of it, so if you would like to know what they’re all about, check out the review. We’d like to point out that this isn’t an actual “office party” per say. That title would totally turn me off. Here’s to hoping The X picks a more party-friendly title for next year’s holiday shenanigans. For now, let’s take a look at the bands.

First up for the night is Sleeper Agent, who were listed as a “band to watch” by Rolling Stone back in August. I remember seeing this video recently and it vaguely reminded me of something Donora would put out:

While both bands are often filed under the “garage rock” umbrella, Sleeper Agent is far more rough around the edges, with Donora assuming the pop end of the spectrum and Sleeper Agent leaning loosely towards the punk side. Either way, I’ll be curious to see how they can hold it down live. I’ve managed to find only one performance video that is even remotely digestible, as a good majority of the footage I could find led me to believe they need a bit more experience to really come into their own as performers:

Next up are The Joy Formidable, who pretty much speak for themselves. Cage the Elephant has been doing a radio station party tour, and not all of the bands they play with are on every date of the tour. They’re playing Columbus tonight, for example, with another band I’d really like to see, Grouplove. I didn’t know until I Googled that infectious song about going to your best friend’s house from the new iPod commercial that this was indeed the band who sung that adorable song. The name, while familiar, turned me off, which is why I probably didn’t know they made this gem of a song until I did my homework. Lesson learned. As for you, do your homework on The Joy Formidable, read our previously-mentioned review from when they hit the Pgh back in April and listen to one of my favorite jams by the group:

Switchfoot is a relatively big name for this lineup, winning a Grammy in 2011 for Best Rock Gospel Album. They’re associated with the Christian rock scene but do not consider themselves to be a Christian band. They’ll be sure to bring a heavy draw from that crowd, though. I just realized they sing this song. We’ll just skip onto the last band. Yikes.

Do you know how many times I’ve mistaken Young the Giant for Cage the Elephant? Many. And I’m pretty on top of my shit. You bands need to start getting a little more creative with your naming mechanisms. How many bands out there do you know have the nouns bear, wolf or deer in their name? TOO MANY, that’s how many! Jeez Louise. I should start my own professional band-naming service. I can tell you that it won’t include any “the”s or animals in the naming options, that’s fo sho. I’m getting off topic. We’ve got tunes to rock out to. Like this one, by headliners Cage the Elephant:

I will embarrassingly say that I always thought Band of Horses did this song. I thought they might have been trying to switch thangs up and throw their fans a curve ball by injecting some poppiness into their next album. Nope, this is just an entirely different band with a similarly sounding singer. Try saying that ten times fast! The moral of the story is, if you haven’t seen The Joy Formidable yet and you like them, then you should probably go to this show. If you happen to like one of the other three bands on the lineup, even better!

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