Naknoise – Turkey Day JAMS Edition!

Published On November 24, 2011 | By Clark | Music

Hey Everyone,

I’m back again to give you some new jams to rock out to in between stuffing your face with turkey and avoiding your drunk relatives. I, for one, have a lot to be thankful for this year and hope all of you have a great holiday.
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New Look – Numbers

New Look is a male/female duo from Canada who has stepped into the crowded electro pop scene fairly recently. Touring with the XX, they have a similar sound, but still have their own distinct personality. Like the XX, they’ve crafted an impressive array of music that bares raw emotion while still being dance floor-ready. Numbers is a soulful slow dance; one that yearns to be played in the wee hours of the night.
Darkside – A1

Darkside, a collaboration between Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington, recently released their self-titled debut EP. Jaar is no stranger to sparse, slow house that samples a lot from more contemporary styles of music. At only 21 years old, his musical taste and ability are of someone far older. With the help of guitarist Dave Harrington, they’ve created a fantastic track that effortlessly melds elements of disco, house, and funk, while maintaining that minimal style that Jaar does so well. The EP contains two other tracks that are in the same vein. If you enjoy this track, I recommend his LP, “Space is Only Noise” that he released earlier in the year.
Floating Points – Sais

Floating Points has been one of my favorite producers for some time now. With electronic music producers, often times you can pin point which ones have been trained to play the instruments they utilize in their music. Not that those who have not make inferior music, but they are able to more easily blend elements of said instruments into their music. As with a lot of artists I select for my list, Floaty P is excellent at combining genres with undulating precision. Be sure to watch the video for this track! AV engineer Will Hurt crafted this video studying the drum and synthesizer activity to generate the images. The images then appear, float, and thump to the beat of the track. Very cool stuff.
Wu Lyf – We Bros



WU LYF debuted their album, “Go Tell Fire to the Moutain” earlier this year and I believe it to be among the strongest indie rock albums this year. Their music is very raw and has a very real, organic feel to it. Ironically, WU LYF garnered a lot of attention by trying to avoid it. Rejecting record contracts, interviews, etc. they quickly gained a following of fans who not only appreciate their rejection of the mainstream media, but also for their music. WU LYF is one of those bands where you can barely understand anything the lead singer is saying, but everything else is so strong musically that all is forgiven.
Azealia Banks – 212

Azealia Banks – 212


Azealia Banks, a rookie to the hip hop game, appeared like a flash and is making big waves in the scene. Her first single, “212”, is a rowdy party anthem complete with a bangin’ beat, raunchy lyrics, and a welcomed touch of unpredictability.
Whether you like it or not, Banks is going to get a lot of attention and be scrutinized simply because she is female. Hip hop is a dog eat dog world and unfortunately there are very few females who are seen as equals to their male contemporaries. Whether she is talking to the beat, singing, or spitting, her demeanor reminds me greatly of a young Missy Elliot. Banks has the ability to be 100% smug and still be charismatic, an example being my favorite line in the song, “Imma ruin you c**t.”
Steve Hauschildt – Already Replaced

Steve Hauschildt, who is one of the three in the synth group “Emeralds”, has recently launched a solo project to excellent result. Utterly relaxing and beautifully composed, “Already Replaced” is an excellent example of why I’m drawn to ambient music. When I’m stressed, my first source of release is music. I think the music we choose to listen to at any given moment is greatly impacted by our mood. Ambient music has a restorative element to it that I can always appreciate. There are rarely ever any words to comprehend or sudden bass drops, it’s something incredibly complex that comes off as quite the opposite.


Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons

More 80’s electro pop! Sorry kids, but I’m on the bandwagon and if you can’t hang then move along. A mix of of the old and the new, “Nuclear Seasons” is the loving child of a new wave of dark pop that has been steadily growing over the last two years. A song about rebirth and survival, “Nuclear Seasons” is a promising start for the young 19 year old. Its almost as if 19 has become the magic age for stardom.


Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk


Honestly, after hearing the few bars of this song I was instantly reminded of Animal Collective. The vocal melodies, the reverb, the percussion, all harked back to one of my favorite bands. This isn’t necessarily a knock, Gauntlet Hair still have their own sound, which is swimming in a quagmire of shoe gaze rock.
Sapphire Slows – Spin Lights Over You

Sapphire Slows, a “bed room producer” from Japan has very little exposure and its difficult to speak much about her. “Spin Lights Over You” is a slow-burning track that mixes elements of both disco and house to create a smooth and addictive sound. She will soon be releasing a cut on the “Not Not Fun” label so be sure to stay tuned for more of her jams.
A$AP Rocky – Palace


Another hip hop rookie with talent bursting at the seams, A$ap Rocky is part of the next generation of hip hop. This generation of hip hop has finally started to break the tired “money, gold chains, and ho’s” mantra in favor of considerably more mild themes. That isn’t to say that the lyrical content is soft, but its much more relate-able to the average person. Rocky is not the best lyricist out there by any stretch, but he’s got a lot of heart and the ability to switch up his flow at the drop of a hat. With the help of Clams Casino, Rocky was able to start his career with a incredibly solid debut album titled, “LIVELOVEA$AP”.

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