The St. Pats Party List

Published On March 13, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Lists

ST PATWhat better way is there to celebrate Spring’s arrival than getting sloppy drunk and bopping around town with all your peeps?! There isn’t, and so, that is why most Pittsburghers put up with each other’s company on the streets of Downtown, Station Square and the South Side during the day of our St. Patrick’s Day parade, which is still one of the largest in the nation. There are lots of Irish folk ’round these parts, and they aren’t shy about letting that be known to anyone they might encounter on this crazy day. Since this winter has been especially brutal, expect a bit more madness this year. We all have a lot of steam to blow off! Here are our recommendations to maximize your fun quotient this Saturday whether you’re going to the parade or not.

shamIf you’re super into the holiday and committed to doing only St. Pats-related things, consider hopping on Faded’s party bus while tickets are still available. There’s also the Hollywood Theater’s Leprechaun Hoedown with Kid City, which is supposed to be for kids but let’s be real – everyone’s a kid on parade day. And lastly, you can get down with the Bastard Bearded Irishmen at The Rex for their party if you’re in the South Side long enough.

RainShamFor LGBT-friendly action, there’s plenty of late night options. Cattivo’s ShamRockin opens doors at 4PM so you can grab a bite before dancing until 2AM. Brillo’s PGH Bro Club will have you bro-ing it up in no time and iRISH at Cruze Bar with iCandy and Impulse is where you can add a little class to an otherwise shit show of a day.

shamrockIf you’re looking for live music that isn’t necessarily centered around the holiday, consider stopping by Club Cafe at 6 for Demos Papadimas and locals Boulevard of the Allies. There’s also a show at the Rock Room in Polish Hill and the Parade Day Matinee at Nied’s Hotel Bar with local favorite Slim Forsythe.

And finally, if you’re looking for bleeps and bloops, consider heading to Factory Soundsystem at Wood Street Galleries, Subsanctuary, which features live art and DJs, at Union Pig & Chicken, and the banger to end all bangers – it’s Humanaut’s night at Hot Mass and they’re bringing world-renowned techno duo Voices from the Lake to melt faces off until 7AM. No matter what you end up doing, do it right, do it safe, and do it HARD!

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