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Published On April 30, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | Lists

We love to talk about how beautiful the ‘Burgh can be on those sunny days… But we all know how this place can get a little dreary sometimes. Having a garden, or even a just few potted plants, is a fun way spruce up a gray skyline or a rainy day. So we’ve compiled a list of Pittsburgh nurseries for you to explore and see what you can find to bring some color to your stoop.



Of all the plant hubs ingreensinner pittsburgh events the city, this place is probably the most user-friendly – and the most Pittsburgh-friendly. greenSinner grows almost all of their products locally, which means fresher, more sustainable plants and less chemical treatment on your beloved botanicals. The florists began with an “urban microfarm” in Lawrenceville that supplied a third of their products. However, after raising money through an IndieGoGo campaign, Midsummer Hill Farm is under construction. The new farm is projected to supply almost 100% of the company’s product, making it an even better choice for your plant needs!

The florists at greenSinner have worked to offer everything a gardener of all experience levels could need. They sell terrariums, garden baskets, seasonal arrangements, bouquets, and plant shares, all of which require varying types of care. If you’re a busy bee, you can buy most of these products onlineBut, if you’re totally new to the world of dirt and flowers, greenSinner offers classes in terrarium creation, arrangements, and plant lectures. Garden clubs, weddings, and events can all be facilitated by the experienced, friendly florists here.

Chapon’s Greenhouse


Since 1978, this nursery-greenhouse-garden store has been the place for plants, plant advice, and plant info in the South Hills. Thechapon's greenhouse expert gardeners at Chapon’s “feel a deep connection to [their] customers,” and offer a homey feel while still fulfilling your botanical needs.

The greenhouse is the hub for terrariums, fairy gardens, holiday plants, and houseplants (aka, everything you’d need to feng shui your PGH apartment). In the nursery, trees, shrubs, and flowers make a home (that is, until you take them home and plant them in your window box). The garden shop is where you’ll go to get maintenance supplies for your new plants – and where you can bling out your garden. Outdoor artwork and accents are sold here, as well as natural, local soaps and Ohio-made candles to help you relax after a long day of getting down and dirty.

Sylvania Natives

Squirrel Hill

Since Sylvania Natives‘ inception in Indiana, the nursery has expanded massivelyRombach homes McGregor – and moved to the ‘Burgh. The gardeners at Sylvania pride themselves on their native plants, which are rapidly disappearing as development in the area continues. But their attention to native plants isn’t just an effort to save them; native plants are adapted to the environment we live in, so they’re sustainable in any western Pennsylvania location.

Sylvania’s gardeners have propagated a smorgasbord of plants for you to take home to your garden. With a catalog of 128 species of plants, chances are high that you’ll find exactly what you need to get your urban garden started. If you’re lost, have no fear. Sylvania is committed to providing gardening advice and plant care information for all of their customers.

Reilly’s Garden Center at Summer Seat Farm

North Hills

If you’re headed to Reilly’s, clear your schedule for a few hours – on the farm lay rows of fruits and vegetables that visitors creilly's pittsburgh eventsan take tours through, pick, and, of course, eat. The 82-acre farm is used throughout the year for birthday parties, hayrides, Easter egg hunts, and more. However, the botanical wonders don’t end there.

Reilly’s also has a garden center filled with supplies, seeds, decorations, and plants. “Our Garden Center is a respite from your busy world where you can refresh your spirit in the flower-scented country ambiance,” their website says of the plant home. You can find annual, tropical, or house plants here, as well as herbs, vegetable plants, and season-long blooms in the greenhouse. Additionally, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines of all sorts are offered by the gardeners at Reilly’s. Don’t forget to pick up some garden ornaments, birdbaths, and trellises to finish off your urban garden look!

Shadyside Nursery


Besides providing plants, gardening supplies and landscaping services, the Shadyside Nursery also offers access to two additional businesses that are right up your alley if you’re trying to incorporate “the circle of life” into your garden. Shadyside Worms and BEEBOY Honey have teamed up with Shadyside Nursery to bring us fresh compost and pure local honey right from the source.

Shadyside nurseryShadyside Worms is composting business that specializes in vermiculture (aka composting worms). They offer workshops, starter kits, and building services if you want to have your own “worm box” to turn your food straps into rich, fertile compost right in your own backyard. Don’t want to do it at home? No problem. They also have Compost Exchange program–you send them your scraps, they’ll return the fertilizer.

BEEBOY Honey is a business that operates a number of apiaries around town. Their focus is on responsible, sustainable, and healthy beekeeping within the city limits. Want access to local bees and their honey at home? All you have to do is host a hive and BEEBOY will tend to it, just make sure you clear it with your neighbors first.

Outside of the City

If you have the time to travel outside of Pittsburgh on your plant escapade, check out the following places.

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