The Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Party List

Published On March 11, 2015 | By Kymbo Slice | Lists

daniel bellInstead of the obvious choices, we’re here to give you the deets on alternative St. Patrick’s day celebrations for this Saturday the 14th, the day Pittsburgh celebrates a holiday that is actually not until the 17th. Ditch the parade, sleep in and consider partaking in some of the city’s lesser-known activities that celebrate the Luck O’ the Irish (and some that don’t). Now that temps are up and the big winter thaw has begun, it’s time to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Everything from punk rock flea markets to all-night techno dance parties are represented in this year’s options for things to do OTHER than the parade on the day everyone else will be getting sloppy drunk and passing out by 1. Enjoy!

KegEggSquare-300x300If you’re feeling really frisky and simply can’t wait to get the day drinking started, wake up early and head to Harris Grill’s Kegs & Eggs party to get a good base for the booze ahead. For $10 you can eat all the green eggs and ham you’d like, and enjoy $5 car bombs, green bevs and a more bearable atmosphere than you’d encounter close to the parade route.

mr roboto project punk rock flea market pittsburgh eventsAfter you’ve digested, pop on over to the Mr. Roboto Project for their Punk Rock Flea Market (and potluck if you didn’t get your fill of endless eggs and ham). There you’ll find an assortment of punk records, screen printed items and whatever the hell vendors decide to pick up off their bedroom floor and try to sell. After a few beers, shopping’s always a good idea.

bastard bearded irishmen pittsburgh eventsIf you’re rockin that good afternoon buzz, you may want to consider a nap, because there’s nothing worth doing until dinner time, when you can find locals The Commonheart playing at The Rex for the Bastard Bearded Irishmen’s St. Pat’s Parade Day Party. There is nothing more festive you can do than chug beers while partying with Pittsburgh’s leading Irish rock n’ roll band. If you’re serious about the holiday, your presence is expected.

rollerderbyWhat’s the only event more aggro than the bar scene downtown during Parade Bro Apocalypse 2015? The Steel City Roller Derby’s Hurtin’ season opener. Just a short drive away in Glenshaw, you can be watching babes on four wheels get feisty with each other while completely sober. This is about as wholesome as the day can be if you’re looking to avoid the parade madness without staying in. That is unless you decide to take the fancy route and attend SWAN Day at the Twentieth Century Club, an event we covered earlier this week.

titletownIf you’ve managed to last until the sun goes down or haven’t partied at all yet Saturday, your nighttime options are just as enthralling as the day. For live music, head to Grand Piano’s show at Howler’s in Bloomfield alongside Ghost Guts and Those Manic Seas. There’s also every hipster’s go-to party to get laid, Title Town at Brillobox. And if you’re really trying to take your night to the next level, go on a seven-hour techno journey with Dan Bell at Hot Mass…but only if you didn’t go to the parade because this place is about as un-basic as it gets.

Whatever you do, remember to always be safe, grab a Lyft and try not to puke in someone else’s car.

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