Pittsburgh Haunted House List

Published On September 30, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | Lists

It’s the time of year to get your scare on, and there’s no one who can bring the fear like the haunted houses in Pittsburgh. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a Halloween attraction here for you. The haunts range from extremely scary to only slightly creepy, and everything in-between, so in order to make your choice a little bit easier, here is a list of our top six favorite spooks this season.

The Scarehouse 

Photo credit: ScarehouseThis is considered one of the most terrifying haunted houses in the country. Once inside, you’ll venture through three haunted areas, running into evil dolls and demons, brain-eating zombies, and even a creepy Christmas clown. For those brave enough, groups of two at a time can enter the basement section of the Scarehouse. There’s no telling what will happen to you inside…all we know is that you have to sign a waiver to get in. Let us know if you make it out alivebut be warned- there’s a chance you’ll enter into your worst nightmare!

Hundred Acres Manor

Hundred Acres Manor was already featured on the Travel Channel as one of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions, but now they’re taking it to the next level. This year, the Manor has added two brand new adventures. The first is the Torture Tank; where you get to pick the costumes, scenarios and set designs, and then watch as your customized torture unfolds. For the adventurous, the Manor also offers Zombie Paintball. Finally, a place to really train for the apocalypse. You and a team armed with paintball guns battle hordes of zombies as they try to attack you. As you pass each level, your guns will be upgraded… if only that were the case for the peeps in The Walking Dead.

The Haunted Double Decker Tours

Ride around in an authentic red Double Decker Tour Bus from London while listening to tales of ghosts and unsolved mysteries in Pittsburgh. This is a great way to sight-see and get your scare fix at the same time. Every Friday and Saturday night, “The Story Teller” will share their stories of ghosts and spirits as you bus through popular neighborhoods such as Southside, the Strip District, Downtown, Oakland and more. Act fast, because tickets sell out quickly.

Haunted Hillside


Photo Credit: Haunted Hillside

As soon as you buy your ticket, you’re plunged straight into their Cursed Cornfield where you have to hike over a mile to refuge. Along the trails there are plenty of scary surprises, like possessed Killbillies, waiting for you. This haunted trail is rain or shine, and lasts about 45-50 minutes by foot; making it the longest haunted attraction in Pittsburgh. We suggest wearing boots and perhaps a helmet…

Terror Town

This haunt is 30,000 square feet of underground mazes, terrifying props and non-stop action – all on the corner of 17th and Smallman Street in the Strip District. Terror Town first opened in 2011, and this year, it’s coming back with new twists and turns. Located underneath Xtaza, it has been investigated by several paranormal experts who say there may be some real ghosts among the actors. Be on the lookout for whatever may look a little too real!

Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tours

Don’t forget the walking Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tours in Downtown, Oakland, and on the Incline. On these excursions, a well versed, unorthodox historian will take you for a walk that will change your view of the Steel City for years to come. Get ready to be educated on the not-so-glorious tales about the place we call home. No tricks or sudden scares on this tour, just the creepy facts. Each tour starts promptly at 7pm–don’t be late!

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