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Experienced yogis and newbies alike, prepare to strike a pose! We did some research to compile list of Pittsburgh’s top yoga picks. No matter your neighborhood or experience level, there’s a studio waiting for you. So grab your favorite yoga pants and stretch away your stress at a couple of these locations.

bys yogaPhoto credit: BYS Yoga

BYS Yoga

Located right on Carson Street in the heart of South Side, BYS Yoga is in a prime location. From the sidewalk, the space may seem small, but once inside it opens up into a large studio. Their focus is not just on yoga, but on the deeper journey a yoga class can take you through. BYS yoga offers uplifting classes associated with the traditional roots of yoga. They also offer outdoor classes at two locations, one of which is the South Side Works. Hatha yoga–yoga that marries physical postures with breath work–is taught here. You may also want to check out Rocket Yoga, a high energy class developed in San Francisco back in the 1980s. You won’t leave unhappy, especially after a post-yoga meditation session offered after certain classes. Check in with your zen.

Schoolhouse Yoga

Schoolhouse Yoga has multiple locations around Pittsburgh. Whether you plan on checking out their Squirrel Hill, Strip District, or Ross Park house, your yoga experience is sure to be revitalizing. Beginners will find refuge in gentle yoga classes, while other class levels range from 1-3. Ashtanga yoga, meaning eight limb, focuses on building strength, developing flexibility and increasing stamina and is offered here. If you don’t own a mat, don’t worry. They are available to use free of charge if you are new to the practice. Sunshine might be sparse soon, but don’t forget to celebrate the moon with moon salutations starting in August.

Photo credit: Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh
Photo credit: Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

Bikram Yoga is one of the most demanding styles of yoga, requiring 26 physically-challenging poses. The poses work every part of the body with the focus of moving fresh, oxygenated blood to every cell in the body. Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh holds 90-minute class sessions in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees. Each pose is performed in a systematic order to the best of one’s ability. People of all ages and levels come together to sweat it all out in their studio. But beginners beware, special pre-class prep is required. If you’re heading to this studio, make sure you’ve got water with you and stay hydrated. A towel is highly recommended, and it is discouraged to come with a full stomach. Shout out to Pittsburgh native and Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh faculty member Zeb Homison, who won the Bikram competition at this year’s Yoga Fest!.

Bend Yoga

Bend Yoga is conveniently located downtown for all the hard-working white collar ‘Burghers. You’ll find their second floor studio in the middle of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Bend Yoga lets the yogi make their yoga experience whatever they need, offering heated vinyasa flow classes with a focus on breath and movement along with others. They also offer a unique Jivamukti class–a class with a vinysa based style. With classes like “Yoga With Weights” and “Lunch Break,” you’ll find whatever yoga practice you need. They also offer a special service rate for fire, police, and military personnel. Discounted yoga classes sound like a great way to say thanks if you ask us.

Yoga Hive

Located in Garfield, Yoga Hive is buzzing with more than energy. The hive is heated to around 85-90 degrees while attendees enjoy breath-synchronized movement. They offer a wide variety of classes tailored to fit your busy-bee life. Be a “Weekend Warrior” on Saturday and Sunday or enjoy the “Breakfast of Champions” practice–which takes place early in the AM. If you’re someone that likes to do your practice to music, check out their heated “Music Vinyasa.”

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is the brain child of inspirational owner Dominique Ponko. She has been practicing yoga for eleven years and currently owns four yoga studios. Yoga Flow is vinyasa flow in a heated studio, offering various levels of classes taught by a great group of instructors including Ponko herself. Check out a clip from her class below. Our favorite studio is their location in Shadyside above J.Crew.


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