Ice Cream in the ‘Burgh

Published On June 19, 2014 | By JimJam | Lists

5367893532_f6847d977fSpring is out, and summer is in! That’s why we’re here to give you the scoop on the chillest ice cream spots around town. Hope you’re hungry!

First on the list is everyone’s favorite: Dave and Andy’s Homemade Ice Cream located in Oakland. Dave and Andy’s has been serving the people of Oakland for just over 30 years and opened in 1983. They make over 200 flavors of ice cream from traditional to original flavors. If you’ve ever experienced ice cream at Dave and Andy’s then you know about their waffle cones with that little M&M they put at the bottom to hold in the ice cream. That’s a game changer.

Next, we have the famous Gus and YiaYia’s ice ball stand. If you have walked or drove through the Northside at any point in your life, then you’ve probably seen the big, orange cart Gus and Stella Kalaris have been running for decades as part of Gus’ father’s Depression-era legacy. They serve freshly shaved ice with a variety of flavors. The stand is located near the Allegheny Commons Park tennis courts. For many, Gus and YiaYia’s is more than an ice ball stand. It is a memory of their childhood. If you want to cool off, or take a trip down memory lane, Gus and YiaYia’s is the place to be.
Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor, in the Strip District, is next on the list. Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor started out as a pharmacy in the 1920s. Then, after many years, the pharmacy was restored, and turned into an ice cream parlor by a family member in the late 1990s. New owners have just recently reopened the ice cream parlor in Summer 2013. The parlor now serves food, including Mancini’s Bread products, and ice cream from the Penn State Creamery.

Page Dairy Mart sits right at the intersection of East Carson Street and Beck’s Run Road in the Southside. If you’ve ever drove by there, you’ve probably noticed the line of people outside. Page’s is a family owned business that opened in 1951. This year, they are celebrating their 63rd year in business. Page’s serves up tons of flavors of ice cream, and have endless sundae combinations.

milkshakes1Rather than traditional ice cream, if you’re looking for a milkshake, The Milkshake Factory is your only logical option. The Milkshake Factory Headquarters has been located in Pittsburgh since 1914 when the owners started this highly successful endeavor. The Milkshake Factory retail shop is located in Southside Works. They have an extremely large selection of milkshake flavors and combinations for an appropriate price. So, go off the wall with a milkshake. You won’t regret it.

O YAThe newest addition to the local ice cream scene is Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, which are the talk of the town at the moment. These locally-sourced, small batch ice cream sandwiches are absolutely to die for, with combinations like blueberry-tangerine shortbread and oatmeal lace. Best of all, they’re easy on the belly for those of you who are lactose intolerant, and they’re also free of high fructose corn syrup. Pick one up at Zeke’s Coffee in East Liberty or keep an eye out for these delectable sandwiches popping up at local events.

Last but certainly not least, Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee is located in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside. It isn’t your typical ice cream place, however. This ice cream place has an eccentric twist to it. The store offers a variety of flavors, including vegan options. After you choose a flavor, you can choose from over 100 different mix-ins, ranging from candy corn to turkey jerky and everything in between.


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