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You own all of the 80’s fitness tapes, but quite frankly, you’ve grown tired of Richard Simmons’ candy-sweet commands telling you to lift those legs higher. The living room has started to look stale. You’ve hit a plateau in your work-outs and want to take your leotard-and-leg-warmer-clad body somewhere new to kick your exercises into high gear. Switch up your workout regime by tuning into NakYouOut. Trust, we won’t leave you with basic pilates classes.

Fitness with a Twist

Fun Fitness Classes Fitness With A Twist Pittsburgh Events

If a counselor’s couch doesn’t work for you, you can tone your legs and work on your issues while pole dancing at Fitness with a Twist. Besides the basic group and private classes, the studio offers themed sessions aimed at gaining confidence for the divorced, the scorned, the betrayed and the plus-sized. You don’t have to wear a tasseled-bra to the session (unless you’re into that sort of thing). T-shirts and shorts will suffice. However, they do suggest you wear six-inch platform heels for a better grip on the pole. The studio has them on sale if you don’t currently own any. And hey, they have a free walking class to boot. Walk with your head held high, you sexy beasts!

Bikram Yoga

If you want to incorporate a more relaxed feel into your regular fitness routine, you might want to try Bikram Yoga. Unlike regular yoga, Bikram Yoga does a 26-series of poses for 90 minutes in a heated room. With the room temperature set at approximately 105°F, you really have no choice but to sweat. The purpose of the room is to systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to every cell in the entire body, and work out your spine to restore your body’s systems. Supposedly, you burn a minimum of 638 calories per class. Drink plenty of water before you go and don’t eat two hours prior to class.

Full Body Fitness

Fun Fitness Full Body Pittsburgh Events

Dream about  having the flexibility of a Cirque du Soleil performer? Besides offering Zumba, pole dancing, and conditioning classes, Full Body Fitness offers aerial aerobics classes. Here, you can artfully spin yourself on silks to Latin and Brazilian rhythms, earthly vibrations and R&B music. And whether you’re a pro or a novice, they have different levels that target improving your form, flexibility and range of motion.

Club Cycle

Forget your MP3 workout playlist. Try cycling to a live DJ set at Club Cycle. While the lights flash and the DJ plays some beats, you can check your progress along with the overall team on the TVs around the studio.  And if you don’t think you’ve got enough of a club feel in your workout, their spinning class have even been held inside of nightclubs!

Capoeira Pittsburgh

Fun Fitness Classes Capoeira Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Events 1

It’s the not-so-secret desire of many to learn martial arts, but have you ever considered learning it to music and dance? For those unfamiliar with the style, the Brazilian martial art, capoeira, mixes elements of fighting, acrobatics, and dancing. Students will learn kicks and escapes, acrobatics, and dances like maculelê and coco de roda. While taking the class, you’ll tone your thighs, strengthen your upper body, and increase your stamina. If the idea of hands for creation and feet for destruction makes you excited, this might be your style.


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