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Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Bellydance Academy

Let’s face it. Some of us are cursed with the detriment of two left feet. The music’s playing, and you’re subconsciously moving to the beat, struggling to find your rhythm. Don’t fret – the NakYouOut team is here to help! Peep our exclusive list of the best spots in Pittsburgh to take dance lessons. You can thank us later for your new moves.

PGHWCS (Pittsburgh West Coast Swing)

Dust off those flapper dresses and zoot suits. Swing is back at PGHWCS. Students trying to get in on the swing social party fun can take their classes before the dance parties. There, they will learn the basics, techniques and patterns of the West Coast Swing in four regular, drop-in group classes. Don’t care for big band music? Not a problem! The social dances mix a large number of genres, including pop, blues, R&B, acoustic, Motown, hip-hop, soul, and country.

Pittsburgh Belly Dance Academy

You won’t just learn how to shake your hips like Shakira here. Pittsburgh Belly Dance Academy trains their students to the level of professional belly dancing. In these classes, students go through training in flexibility, strength, toning, head-to-toe technique, combinations, choreography, musicality, interpretation, improvisation, and performance skills. Students can also learn the art while using various props like veils, canes, and zills. When you get comfortable, make sure to take part in their showcases. Tweet us a pic and show us how you mesmerize a crowd.

Pittsburgh Samba Group

The Pittsburgh Samba Group offers training in all forms of Brazilian dance, “from Samba no pé in feathered headdresses, to the more folkloric Carimbo style.” They also perform frequently, so you can check them out firsthand before you go to a class. If you haven’t done so already, grab tickets for our monthly RAW event and catch their upcoming performance there.

 Yanlai Dance Academy

Fun Dance Yanlai

At Yanlai Dance Academy, students train in grace, elegance, and confidence through movement and body technique, regardless of age or level of experience. Dance class groups are categorized by age and ability. Along with traditional folk and classical Chinese dance, students can gain experience in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern/contemporary dance. Additionally, students can gain onstage experience at Yanlai Dance Academy’s annual performance and often get invited to perform at regional events. If you’re trying to develop your dance moves in a more rising-star-like atmosphere, these are the classes for you.

Courtyard Dancers

Add an element of drama to your dancing with Kathak classes. Kathak is a classical Indian dance style which conveys stories through motion. Historically, the dances told stories of gods and goddesses; later, the form became used in entertainment for the general public. In class, live tabla playing will accompany student dancing. In addition to movement, classes emphasize learning rhythmic patterns, vocalization and emotional expressiveness. Students will first focus on learning Kathak, then switch to neoclassical/Bollywood choreography. Group members will have performance opportunities on a regular basis, along with chances to learn from and work with noted guest dancers and choreographers.

P3HDC (Pittsburgh Heat Hip Hop Dance Company)

Fun Dance Classes in Pittsburgh P3HDC Pittsburgh Events 2

P3HDC offers dance classes including hip hop, break-dancing, tumbling/gymnastics, cheer training, dance fitness and club dance. These hour-long classes offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level options, and all staff members currently perform and work as professional dancers/choreographers. To the social dancers who struggle with finding their rhythm, we suggest taking the Groovy Theory class. This class will get you comfortable with moving your whole body to the music and teach you gender-neutral dance moves to use in social settings. While you mentally plan your next dance battle, get familiar with the basics first.

Improvement thru Movement

Improvement thru Movement focuses on wellness through dance by applying principles of dance, stretching, nutrition and mental relaxation to their classes. Their signature class, All-Abilities Movement, incorporates dance styles from ballroom to Broadway jazz.  Additional classes offered include pointe technique, varied ballroom, tap, and Masala Bhangra, giving you the option to sample several dance styles with health lessons as an added benefit.

3rd Street Belly Dancing

3rd Street Gallery is a fine art space that promotes local, national, and international artists by hosting special events. So it should come to no surprise that you can take belly dancing and improvisational tribal style dance classes here. Your teachers come from the Sadiqa Belly Dance troupe, and you can even go watch them perform professionally. Even with their busy schedules, they still manage to hold weekly dance lessons. Sheer dedication.

Pittsburgh Dance Center

If you want to sample a few different dance styles, Pittsburgh Dance Center offers classes in samba, tango, ballroom,  barre fitness, regular fitness, country dancing, swing, aerial skills, Latin dance, Zouk, Kizomba, and even a dance program for amputees.  With this large assortment, you have a good chance of finding a class that suits your needs. Check out this video clip here for a sample of the Kizomba class.

PGH Tango Fun Dancing Classes in Pittsburgh PGH Tango Pittsburgh Events

PGH Tango caters to your spontaneous, adventurous inclinations with new classes beginning each month. These classes offer all the tango basics, including the tango walk, posture and embrace elements, and dance floor navigation. After completing the classes, go boldly into their Milonga event, a social tango dance party. Forget John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever…you’ll keep him and everyone else who’s claiming mastery of the dance floor in check.

Los Saboros Dance Co.

Los Saboros Dance Co. will teach you how to score a partner along with how to dance with one. They offer confidence-building group and private dance classes in salsa, bachata, ballroom, hip-hop, ballet, fitness, and more.  Theses classes cover all the bases, including how to approach people to dance, and encourage you to dance with many people to improve upon your skills.  If and when you want to put your efforts to use, the company even hosts their own dance parties.

Middle Eastern Dance Arts

As the owner and creative director of Jemeena Bellydance: Middle Eastern Dance Arts, Jemeena encourages empowerment in her classes through belly dancing. She even adds a glamour element to inspire confidence. And in case you’re looking for a particular style of belly dancing, Jemeena specializes in Egyptian Cabaret style belly dance, as well as folkloric belly dance.

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