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Published On November 1, 2014 | By Breanna Durham | Lists

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Don’t you just wish sometimes–as you stare at your plate loaded with half-burned grilled cheese–that you could cook like a master chef? Or maybe even mix together a fancy cocktail for yourself, instead of limiting yourself to the happy hour specials? You don’t have to live basic with a capital B. NakYouOut has a guide for the places you need to hit up to level up your kitchen game.


Gaynor’s School of Cooking

Fun Cooking and Drink Classes Gaynors Cooking School Pittsburgh Events 4Before you can start making that flaming ice-cream/sponge cake dish called Baked Alaska, you have to get beast with the basics. Gaynor’s School of Cooking will get you running. Their cooking series, The Art of Fine Cooking 1, will teach you sautéing, braising, roasting, and grilling. They also have classes on baking for all you bread and cake lovers out there. Classes typically run four hours, and in that time, expect to learn how to make some dishes like Chocolate Mousse and Grand Marnierä Soufflé.  If you want a little taste of elsewhere, we recommend trying one of their culinary “tours.” In these classes, they cover dishes from Greece, Thailand, Morocco, Spain, India, Mexico and New Orleans. They even have a pierogie and sushi making class.

Fabled Table

Fabled Table goes custom with their cooking classes and will even hold classes at your home. In their private two hour class, you will cover food safety, proper use of utensils, menu planning, grocery lists, and food preparation along with composition of the meal. Recipes include dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, appetizers, dinners and desserts. Plus, they focus on healthy, inexpensive options.

Chop, Wok & Talk

Fun Food and Drink Classes Chop Pittsburgh EventsFor students that want to focus more on expanding their dish repertoire, we suggest trying out Chop, Wok & Talk. They specialize in teaching cooking classes inspired by the cuisine of France, Thailand, Tuscany, China, and countries in the Mediterranean. The beginner cooks have nothing to fear here. They can accommodate dietary restrictions/allergies and would be happy to plan a class for people with special dietary needs (gluten free, vegetarian, lactose free, vegan, etc.) as long as a minimum of 6 people come for the class.

Rania’s Catering

To those of you that crave a little challenge, try Rania’s cooking class. In their two hour lessons, guest chefs from restaurants like Donato’s, Girasole, and Roundabout will teach you how to cook popular menu items from their restaurants along with dishes from around the globe. You’ll make things like stuffed squid in a tomato and red wine sauce and sweet sausage with raisin rolls. They have vegetarian cooking classes here too. All of you looking to make a fancier plate for a special occasion, look no further.



Art of Mixology

Fun Cooking and Drinking Classes Art of Mixology Pittsburgh Events 2Art of Mixology‘s two to three hour themed courses won’t only teach you about techniques and cocktail recipes, but will teach you the history behind the drinks. In their Moonlite Mixology, you will learn the basics of home bartending and practice working with mixology tools, home-made ingredients, and classic techniques including stirring, flaming citrus peels, and custom infusions. You can also have the course taught at your own mixing party. Fun fact from A of M: The French 75 that they teach you how to make was said to have such a kick that it felt like a powerful French 75mm field gun had gone off. After learning how to make this cocktail, make sure you tell this story behind it as you sip at your next dinner party.

Tea Pittsburgh Margaret’s Fine Imports

Fun Food and Drink Classes Margaret Tea Pittsburgh Events 2For those who want to learn how to make non-alcoholic drinks, you should try a tea making class at Tea Pittsburgh Margaret’s Fine Imports. You’ll learn the history of tea, different types of teas, steeping techniques, storing methods, the health benefits of tea, and more. After the class, you’ll sample several teas along with European biscuits. All participants will receive Classic Duo Tea Sampler, which contains  Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea , Assam TGFOP black tea, and a tea infuser. Each of the loose leaf teas make approx. 12 mugs or 25 cups of tea. As it say’s on their website, ” It is time for good coffee & tea!”


Now that you’ve got the places to gain some new cooking and drink making skills, get out there and impress your significant other, friends, and family with your foodie knowledge and skill.  Remember to do us a solid and bring us a plate after you get your own food show. Or Instagram us your cooking journey. That’s cool too.

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