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In Pittsburgh, we love bikes. If you need to get a tune-up, new gear, or haven’t even joined the craze yet, here are a few shops in town for you to get your cycle on.

Photo Creidt: Banker Cupply Co.
Photo Credit: Banker Supply Co.

Banker Supply Co.

 Located in East Liberty

Need some biking gear? Banker Supply Co. has had that market cornered since 1892. Back then, they had a reputation for stocking the most innovative gear on the market. They have now kept that reputation running strong over 100 years later  – selling clothing, parts and other accessories for cyclists. So even if you don’t know a thing about cycling, you can still dress like you do. Swag.

Bicycle Heaven

Located in the North Shore

Old bikes don’t die; they go to Bicycle Heaven and get a vintage makeover. Check out this antique bike museum if you don’t believe us. They make it their business to collect rare models, and bring old styles back into fashion by selling them directly to you. Bicycle Heaven has the largest collection of bikes and parts in the US.  If you go, tell us if they have the penny-farthing, you know the one with the giant wheel? We totally want to pop a wheelie on that.


Biketek Pittsburgh Events 1

Photo Credt: biketek

Located in Squirrel Hill

Don’t be shy if you don’t have any experience with bikes. Bring all your biking questions to biketek. The employees here will light up and enthusiastically fill you in. It’s the kind of place where you expect to learn something new each time you come in. And don’t worry about the cost, they adjust to the budget you give them and still help you find quality rides.

Free Ride

Located in East Liberty

Not everybody needs the flashy bells and whistles or that fancy basket up front. Free Ride is a bicycle educational facility that lives by the adage “if you give a person a fish, they will eat for a day; but if you teach them how to fish they will eat for a lifetime.” The shop is very community minded, open for business 3-4 hours a week, and running youth programs, adult classes, and volunteer nights in their spare time. People can even volunteer and work their way to owning a new bike.  They also have an open shop night exclusively for women and members of the LGBT community every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Iron City Pittsburgh Events

Photo Credit: Iron City Bikes

Iron City Bikes

Locations in Oakland & Lawrenceville

If you are hardcore bike enthusiast, check out Iron City Bikes. They’re so boss that they even have their own racing team. They are a full service bike shop that’ll hook you up so well that you’ll think you’re a NASCAR driver at the fill-up station. The crew at Iron City Bikes works hard to accommodate your needs and make you feel beyond satisfied with your experience in their shop. We can see why people wear their brand so much.

Kindred Cycles

Located in the Strip District

This place is only five months old, but has already made a name for itself in the Burgh as an avid bicycle shop. Here, bicycling is a life-style. The owners, Katharine Jordan and Aaron Stein, made the transition from bike enthusiasts to business owners who can help you customize your bike for your life. And get this, they not only have a blog, but they also hold regular events for bike lovers to learn more about and get involved in biking culture.

Kraynicks Bike Shop Pittsburgh Events 1

Photo Credit: Kraynick's

Kraynick’s Bike Shop Inc.

Located in Garfield

For those who like to perform your own repairs, Kraynick’s Bike Shop Inc. is your place. They supply the parts, tools, and place to work on repairs. Volunteers and fellow customers will help you figure out how to fix your bike if you get stuck. Think of this place as a community garage. That’s how it looks and functions.  Don’t bring your credit cards and don’t look for high-end frill. It’s an old fashioned workshop with the kind of charm that makes you fantasize about living your life with a utility belt on your waist, grease on your face, and the satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.

Love Bikes

Located in Lawrenceville

Everyone has their taste, and Love Bikes has the kind of stock to make sure that the ‘assembly line nightmare’ never comes true for you. They have exclusive vendors and can also teach you the skills to tweak or restore your own bike to perfection. Just call them the Martha Stewart of bikes. Not only can they make a bike for you from scratch, they can make it out of bamboo.  Biking coolness just shot up.

ProBikes Pittsburgh Events 2

Photo Credit: Pro Bikes

Pro Bikes

Locations in Squirrel Hill, South Hills & Monroeville

Think you have what it takes to race in the Tour de France? Pro Bikes can help you get that competitive edge with their gear. In fact, the owner, Craig Cozza, won a medal in the cyclocross circuit. With his shop, he aims to match his passion for cycling with top of the line gear. This is an athlete’s training room. It’s point A for those with Olympic dreams.

Ted’s Excellent Bike Repair

Located in Southside

Go meet Ted.  He’s the owner of this place and he shares an equal love for both his customers and their bikes. You won’t have to worry about him just trying to make a sell. He’s friendly and will tell you if repairs are more than they’re worth. Repairs are the focus here, but if you really want a bike, Ted just got a new delivery for his inventory.

Photo Credit: Thick Bikes

Thick Bikes

Located in Southside

This place keeps it simple and straightforward. Thick Bikes sticks to the basics and doesn’t brag about what they do. They simply do, and do very well.  Here, you can get new or used bikes and also bring in one you already own for repairs. Join them for bike rides or go to a beginner’s biking class.  No pressure.



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