Our Top 10 Moments of Movement Detroit 2015

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With a festival lineup so stacked with talent, we knew what we were getting ourselves into, but we had no idea how far out of the water this year’s events would blow those of years past. We can’t ignore Saturday’s line situation, so we’ll just come clean with that from the beginning and move on. It was trife. People were pissed. Waiting 2+ hours in line on a hot day isn’t conducive to anyone’s fun, but with a little assistance and goodwill from friends, everyone managed to bounce back in time for Saturday night’s afterparty circuit and move on. Let’s stay focused on the positive aspects of this year’s festival, and forget about that terrible Snoop Dogg set. Let’s talk about what everyone can’t shut up about for the past week. DETROIT!

The Pita Post Detroit

Photo Credit: The Pita Post

1.The Pita Post

A new addition to the festival this year, this food truck saved our lives on many occasions. If we weren’t getting one of our own, we had at least one bite of delicious, spicy, chicken patty goodness every day of the fest. That cucumber/tomato/slaw mixture was bangin’, and whatever sauce they use… we are drooling as we type this. Move over Slow’s, Movement’s got a new food truck to brag about. If it weren’t for The Pita Post we would have probably lost 5 pounds over the course of the weekend. So thanks, Pita Post, for keeping us well fed and making delicious pita sandwiches perfect for eating while walking or dancing.


2. !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

We’re fairly certain that !!! was the only full live band at Movement this year. Some acts had vocalists, drummers, or guitarists, but not the whole package. We neglected to include them in our pre-coverage, but this band too has Pittsburgh ties, as drummer Paul Quattrone is a Pittsburgh expatriate. We’ll forgive him for that one because his band still rules. They lit up the Red Bull stage with fierceness and contributed to this year’s dynamic, which at times, was very intense and techno-heavy. Overall, the Red Bull stage was one of the only stages to offer the occasional break from the untz untz untz of the rest of the fest, and we’re not complaining.


3. Club Toilet

If you were a gay man attending the fest and you missed Club Toilet, you did it all wrong. This party brought together crews from Detroit, Pittsburgh, DC, SF and NYC to throw a party that would make Richard Simmons blush. The New Menjo’s Complex was a hike from downtown Detroit, so those that attended were super committed to the cause – a raunchy good time with minimal clothing and good music. The fog machine apparently broke and wouldn’t shut off, so by the end of the night it appeared as though Snoop Dogg had showed up to get in on the fun, but we all know better. This party was talked about for the rest of the weekend to the point we were taking a leak and overheard some ladies talking about it at the No Way Back party. Looking forward to next year, boys!

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

4. TV Lounge

TV Lounge is a staple of ours during Movement weekend, home to a string of after parties that are always a good bet. Friday night’s Smart Bar Chicago x Resident Advisor Opening Party & BBQ got our weekend off to a quality start and set the tone for the rest of the after hours shenanigans. Soul Clap’s House of Efunk’s stacked lineup proved why that party is solid year after year, and OK, Cool! closed out the weekend with another solid party/lineup.

Photo Credit: Oren Mittman

Photo Credit: Oren Mittman

5. No Way Back

Holy shit, where to begin with this one. Moving this party from 1515 Broadway to Tangent Gallery was a bold, but necessary move for this growing party. The new location was much improved and contributed to a night that was off the charts. The crew behind this night continues to outdo themselves every year in terms of sets and execution, proving they are a force to be reckoned with in the techno community. Everything that lead up to Derek Plaslaiko’s crushing conclusion was pure perfection. We can’t wait until next year.

Photo Credit: Ray Matthews

Photo Credit: Ray Matthews

6. Industry Brunch

Another relocated event from previous years due to the Comet Bar’s demolition, this 10AM event was the perfect night cap to the ass kicking that was No Way Back. Whether you left and came back or didn’t show up until later in the afternoon, we hope you got to catch Shawn Rudiman’s stellar set that aptly warmed him up for his big festival debut. There were gravel pits, a lot of dust, paper maché techno bees (an ode to last year’s pesky bees) and a whole lot of PGH family in the house. Forget about Old Miami, this party’s the new place to be on Monday mornings.

Photo Credit: Ray Matthews

Photo Credit: Ray Matthews

7. Festival Faves

We tried to venture out and see some new things instead of doing the same ol’, so the daytime was a time for exploration and experimentation. Sometimes we were pleasantly surprised, and sometimes we ran for the hills. This year’s techno-heavy lineup was daunting for some, but the overall lineup for the fest was one of the best in recent years. The Underground and Made in Detroit stages were two of our favorite this year. Other than pretty much every act on those two stages alone, other highlights for us this year included, Eats Everything at the Red Bull stage, Richie Hawtin and Griz and Bob Moses at the Main Stage, and Soul Clap at the Beatport Stage.

Photo Credit: Burst Radio

Photo Credit: Burst Radio

8. Shawn Rudiman

As part of the Detroit Techno Militia showcase on the newly-crowned Sixth Stage, a lovely addition to the festival might we add, Shawn Rudiman played second to last. He made the most out of his 30-minute time slot and set the stage for the weekend’s closers with the confidence and technique only a veteran can deliver. It also helped that 100 of his Pittsburgh homies from the techno community came out to rep hard. This portion of the fest can be summed up by the look on Shawn’s face at the close of his performance, a smile that was well-deserved, after a gig that will be held in high regard by everyone for years to come.

Photo Credit: Matthew Scarborough

Photo Credit: Matthew Scarborough

9. Anthology

We usually end up at The Works at some point during the weekend, and for the past two years the Pittsburgh techno family has come together to support our homies who play at this party. Pittsburgh Track Authority and Aaron Clark played last year, and Aaron returned again this year to round out a lineup that featured some of our favorites from the weekend, such as Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito, as well as some new ones. Atom™ and Tobias. live was the highlight of the night, and a great way to close out a crazy weekend.


10. Gage

Gage Colangelo set the bar pretty high for himself last year when he made the Fashion Disasters Facebook page not once, but twice, with his flamboyant outfits and unapologetic personality. Best known for expressing himself in the most shameless way possible and his over-the-top, lovable personality, Gage truly out did himself this year by making the Fashion Disasters page yet again, but more importantly, amassing over 11,000 views on a video that Chrissy Murderbot posted to his Facebook page. There are really no words for this video, which features background cameos from an assortment of other Pittsburgh folk, and sums up all that the weekend encompassed for all of us. Gage only wishes this video had been taken at a time when he was putting his *real moves* on display.


Posted by Chrissy on Monday, May 25, 2015

The shit show that was Movement 2015 was by far the craziest, best year yet party-wise for most of us who attended from Pittsburgh. Once they iron out the bumps with getting everyone in more smoothly next year, we’re sure are many more mind-blowing times to come in The D. Until next time, Detroit!

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