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Published On January 6, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Lists

nyo-logo-vert-01We’re starting 2014 off with a new look and couldn’t be more excited to share the new-and-improved features of the website with you, our lovely readers. Here are some of the things we changed to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. You can now submit events, browse photos and events more conveniently, and view our most current newsletter featuring our curated list of the top events of the week. Be sure to browse other areas of the site to explore further improvements we have made. The following highlights are just the beginning. Enjoy!

Newsletter Sign Up Box

Signing up for our weekly eblast has never been easier. Just enter your email here and our list of picks for the week’s top ten events will be delivered to your inbox every Thursday, just in time for the weekend.
newsletter (1)

Event Calendar

You can now browse events from our homepage. Select a day and the list below will populate with events for that particular day.

Newsletter Preview

Select this option at the top or bottom of our homepage to see our most recent newsletter right on the site.

Event Submission Form

Submitting an event has never been easier. Just select “submit an event” from the “Events” category on the drop down, and you’re taken to the form where you can fill in the necessary info for your event, such as a description, links to players and uploading flyers.

Browsing Events

Search by keyword or date with a more streamlined browsing experience.

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