Best Spots in PGH to ‘Get Lucky’

Published On March 17, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Lists

GOLDMarch 17 is a day to celebrate the “Luck O’ the Irish”, but why restrict this luck to those pale, freckly folks when we all have needs? We’ve relied on years of experience, hearsay and wishful thinking while coming up with this list of the best places in Pittsburgh to get lucky, and we ain’t talkin’ about using those shady machines that still pay out at dive bars. Set aside your reservations, because this isn’t the time to be shy, folks.


What better way to kick off this list than with the most infamous public place in PGH to get lucky – The Fruit Loop. This portion of Prospect Drive in Schenley Park has been a popular destination for male sunbathers who happen to like other males, and has been known as such for close to 30 years.


Since we’re such a hilly town and there are so many opportunities for grand views the higher up you go, why not try doin’ it up on the roof. We know of at least one person who decided this was a good idea back in college at a frat house on Dithridge.


The Pittsburgh potty is a common feature of most homes in this city. The next time you’re at a house party, why not give this oft neglected room a whirl?


Hot Mass is becoming Pittsburgh’s premiere after hours destination. If you can’t get laid after a night of drinking all the booze you can handle until 7AM, there is probably no hope for you.


Pittsburgh has three rivers. Why not use them to your advantage? Not only are there plenty of remote riverfront chill spots you can take that special someone to and put the moves on, if you have a boat, your chances will probably increase exponentially. Nobody can resist someone with a boat.


If your attempt at sealing the deal hasn’t involved taking your date to Mt. Washington to enjoy its breathtaking views of the city, you’re doing it wrong.


And finally, one of the city’s most romantic places, Phipps Conservatory, might be an obvious choice to impress someone, but if you’re feeling adventurous there are plenty of nooks and crannies to sneak off to if you can’t wait until you get home…or to your car.

Where’s YOUR favorite spot to get lucky in the ‘Burgh?

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