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Published On October 8, 2015 | By Shayna Mendez | Lists

Halloween Night is much more than trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes; there is a certain magic that comes alive on All Hallows Eve. This is the one month where it may be a bit more acceptable to plot using your annoying neighbor as a prop on your front porch. Or to splurge on all the candy you want under the pretense of giving it to some ghastly ghoul.

As we draw closer to the fated night, the ghouls of the night are coming out to play in their haunted homes, beckoning to some unfortunate soul to test their bravery. Here at NakYouOut, we believe that Halloween should be as thrilling and fun-filled as possible, so we’re sharing a list of our Top Ten haunted houses and seasonal spots to check out this mystical season.

1. Scarehousetumblr_static_tumblr_static_a1ili65sukw8c4k4gg0w4sw0w_640

Ranked as one of “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” by the Travel Channel and featured on multiple national media outlets, Scarehouse has definitely earned its spot as one of our top picks. There are two main “haunts” to choose from: “The Summoning,” which is a world of secret societies, arcane rituals, and demonic visitors; or ” Trick ‘R Treat: Hallowed Grounds,” a game where guests follow Sam, the iconic figure from the classic film, “Trick ‘R Treat,” as he leads visitors into a black and white pop-up book brought to life. Tickets for these two haunts range from $20-$40. For persons wanting a more thrilling experience, “The Basement” should be more your speed, as it is considered one of America’s most intense and notorious fear experiences. For more information on “The Basement,” be sure to visit their website.  Tickets for this experience range from $35-$50. Located 10 minutes outside of Downtown Pittsburgh, Scarehouse hosts haunts every Thursday through Sunday from 7PM-12AM throughout the month of October.

2. Hundred Acres Manor

Voted as Pittsburgh’s Best Haunted House by Hauntedworld Magazine, Hundred Acres Manor is Pittsburgh’s largest and most extreme haunted attraction and ranked one of the top in the world. The venture spans over a mile long, where you’ll come face-to-face with terrifying zombies, creatures and monsters, or your worst nightmares. Six attractions are open to explore, from “Dead Lift,” a hundred-year-old elevator that takes you to the depths of the family estate, to “Torture Tank,” where guests can choose their own scenarios, and many more. If these attractions don’t taunt your senses enough, try the Enigma Project, a real-life horror “Escape Room” game where guests race against the clock to escape a locked room in 45 minutes or less. This haunt is located in Bethel Park with tickets ranging from $20-$40. Attractions run until November 1, and are open from 7-11:30PM.

3. Haunted Hillside

Join Pennsylvania’s most realistic haunted attraction, which tells the tale of a vengeful farmer who was forced to forfeit his land to the government. This poor man then becomes a mechanic, and begins to plot his revenge against those who wronged him, creating monstrosities in his “Salvage Yard.” Guests can also walk “The Forest of the Forgotten,” where “victims of darker times exist with evil curses tying them to this world,” or explore “Helltown” and interact with possessed and deranged folk. They don’t take kindly to visitors, so it’s certain they’ll be offering up all kinds of ghastly fun. Tickets are $20 and haunts are on Fridays and Saturdays, running from 7PM-midnight in Mt. Pleasant.

4. Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights

With over 10 attractions to choose from, Kennywood transforms itself from a family-friendly atmosphere to a dark playground for the otherworldly. Step abroad the “Haunted Ark” with Captain Skully and his soul-stealing crew, or try your luck at “Fear Fest” with the world’s finest and most demented clowns. Tickets range from $17-$33, and the park will be open Friday through Sunday from 6PM-12AM.

5. Terror Town

Located in the Strip, Terror Town features over 10,000 square feet of terrifying mazes and gruesome props with their haunt season open through November. Since its inception in 2011, Terror Town has remained one of Pittsburgh’s largest indoor haunted attractions. Tickets range from $20-$35 and it’s open from 7PM-12AM.

6. West Deer Nightmare

Based on the true story of the 1952 West Deer Township Massacre and serial killer Noah Hobbs, this haunt plays into your ultimate fears. Hobbs was apprehended and killed in his manhunt, but many believe that his demonic soul still plagues the township. The events of that day in 1952 are still so horrific that townspeople refuse to speak on it. Enter this haunt to test your bravery; tickets ranging from $13-$20 can be purchased Thursday-Sunday, and the exhibit is open from 7PM-midnight through the month of October.

7. Demon House 2015: Experience the Terror

The McCue Mansion has a history layered in horrors and lost souls, but it wasn’t until recently that its secrets were revealed. The new owners of the house learned that the land the mansion now sits upon was once used as a burial ground for a civilization that once populated the land of Monongahela. Take on this experience with caution, as legend has it that those who enter don’t always come back. Ticket prices are $15 and the Mansion is open from 7-10PM. This thriller runs until the first Saturday of November.

8. Haunted Expedition

Pittsburgh’s newest thriller attraction is not for the faint of heart. With services like “No Scare” necklaces, Haunted Expedition is sure to be an interesting experience. Step right up and enjoy “The Freak Show” with oddities abound that are mostly for your entertainment, or stop in to John Oliver’s Tavern for a drink or a few, and safeguard your soul from the demons that lurk nearby. Tickets range from $16-$24 with an extra $5 charge to anyone interested in a “No Scare” necklace. This haunt runs from Thursday to Saturday from 7:30-10:30PM.

Honorable Mentions:

Spirit’s Psychedelic Monster Maze

If overly creepy’s not your cup of tea, check out Spirit’s First Annual Psychedelic Monster Maze. An interactive maze experience will take place at Spirit from October 16-31, with tickets ranging from $5-$7. The Maze’s creation features the expertise of Ian Brill, who’s incorporated an immersive light installation for guests to lose themselves in a heightened state of awareness. Keep an eye out for a multitude of additional visual oddities and surprise contributions from local art collective, The Locomotive Explosive; LazerCrunk event curator and turntablist, DJ Keebs; as well as the Spirt staff members. In addition, there will be multiple music performances held throughout the Maze’s installment period. For more details on performance dates and times, check out Spirit’s event calendar.

Pittsburgh Terror Trolley Tourshaunted_house_halloween-wallpaper_0

Aside from haunted attractions or parties, the Pittsburgh Terror Trolley Tours is a perfect excursion if haunted history is where your heart truly lies. Board the Terror Trolley to delve into Pittsburgh’s deep dark past. Discover legends of haunted streets seeking revenge in our history-filled city. The trolley runs Thursday through Saturday at 7PM & 9PM. Tickets cost $25, and due to limited spacing, the tour company asks to contact them via telephone (412-391-7433) to reserve spots.

“It’s said that All Hallows’ Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin – and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own.”

Don’t miss your chance to check out the abundance of thrills and chills in our city this Halloween.

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