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Published On June 20, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews, Music

WHYAlt hip hop crew WHY? has been making their unique blend of inquisitive, long-winded, indie hip hop since 2004. Front man Yoni Wolf had been using “WHY?” as his stage name since 1997 but decided to enlist the help of some friends to form the band fans have come to know and love. Recent developments from the group include a 2012 album Mumps, Etc. and corresponding documentary, of which details were just released this week. A small crew has been following them around for the past few years, documenting their move from Cincinnati to California, as well as the making and release of Mumps, Etc., their first album to drop in 3 years. To learn more about their Kickstarter campaign, watch this video:

The band hits Mr. Smalls this Saturday, June 22 for a date before returning to their hometown of Cincinnati for a free, all-ages outdoor show. We had a chance to ask front man Yoni Wolf a few questions about past visits to Pittsburgh, their podcast and being lonely. His answers are much less wordy than his lyrics, but in a good way.

Kymbo Slice: I caught you guys playing at Fun Fun Fun Fest last November in Austin – what was that experience like?
Yoni Wolf: No false advertising there. It was indeed Fun Fun Fun. It was really hot if I remember correctly.

KS: What inspired you to start a podcast and what has been the fan reaction thus far?
YW: I’m not sure. I just sort of woke up one morning and pressed record. I must have had a dream about it or something. People have been really supportive about it!

KS: What comes to mind when you think of Pittsburgh?
YW: I have been there maybe 5 times or so. I remember the last time we played there I was running back and forth between the hotel and the venue a lot. That was cool. Last time we were there we just had dinner at our friends’ house. They live near a park and have a really cool baby.

KS: What are your plans once your finish up this Summer tour? Working on any new material?
YW: I can’t wait to start working on new material. We have been building a room in my brother’s basement to work in. It is definitely time to start working on some new music.

KS: Stumbled upon this picture on your blog – what’s that from? What’s it like having a direct line to fans and friends via your personal tumblr?
YW: That is a photo of me last time we were in Pittsburgh. I enjoy talking to people on the internet. It’s a nice thing to do when you’re feeling lonesome.

Watch Yoni and crew get down this Saturday at Mr. Smalls. Tickets are still available here.

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