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Published On January 3, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

DJ duo Tracksploitation are headlining at The Rex this Thursday alongside up-and-coming acts Kelda Cassada, Paper Politicians, Austen Leathers, Death Of Adonis, and Zombie Bait. The duo is comprised of Jordan Taylor AKA JCT45 and Joe Kennedy AKA Professor ASAP. They’ve been playing on the reg in the PGH for a while now, and we thought it might be nice to know a bit more about these intriguing cats, who sometimes perform in costume and have framed their persona around the notion of being time-traveling deejays. We had a chance to ask Jordan a few questions about what they’ve been up to. If you haven’t had a chance to check their music out, Soundcloud is a good starting point.

Kymbo Slice: Tell us more about how Tracksploitation started – how long have you been at it, and how did you and Joe meet and decide to start playing music together? Did you have any other projects before Tracksploitation?
Jordan Taylor: I had a job doing video for Carnival Cruise Lines and to say the least it wasn’t for me, though it did give me time to think about what I really wanted to do. My friend Joe had already been DJing house parties and producing beats, but nothing really serious. When I got back we both decided that it was in our best interest to get serious about music. That was about two and a half years ago. Before then, Joe and I were both film students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and back then Joe would DJ my house parties. That was about ten years ago.

KS: What’s up with the costumes? Do you feel they enhance your performances. A lot of performers are incorporating costumes these days. Where do you get the inspiration for yours?
JT: In the beginning a friend suggested that we not look like the people coming to the show. I think he meant something like “wear sunglasses” or “suits” but we took it literally and came up with our alter-egos, Professor ASAP and JCT45, time-traveling deejays. We suit up only when we feel it’s right for that show or that venue, but when we do, people love them and dig the extra effort. It gives the party people something to remember and the costumes help to bring you into the immediate moment and its just plain fun. The costumes are always evolving. I think we’re on our fourth versions. We are definitely not the first to wear crazy stuff and play music. I’ve been a fan of Parliament Funkadelic since I was a little boy and Joe and I are both down with all things futuristic – robots, flying cars, lasers and shit.

KS: You’ve played out a decent amount now, do you have any memorable Pittsburgh gigs?
JT: Halloween with the Down and Derby guys, Vince and Brandon Masi – always a good time and the event itself brings a great crowd. I’ll never forget last October when we played at the Warhol for Alex Ross’s art show. He’s one of my favorite artists ever. This past year Joe was the DJ for “Kid Zone,” a televised kid show put on by the Steelers and that was pretty fun. Actually, every gig from the high class corporate award ceremonies to good old fashion house parties has something memorable about it.

KS: Tell us about the other artists on the bill for your gig at The Rex.
JT: We’ve played The Rex before for a jello wresting event put on by Rusty Waters Apparel. This Thursday’s show is definitely a mixed bag of new artists. We’re all in for a treat.

KS: What’s next for Tracksploitiation? Big plans for 2012?
JT: There will be a big show in the spring with our great friends from Portland, Oregon “Kimosabe” and collaborations with amazing local groups such as Mega-Def and Lucid Music. We’ll also be producing albums for local Pittsburgh emcees EAOS, Reason and Rhetorical Artz. We’ll have more shows in other states and we’re working on getting overseas. Don’t forget to check out and our Soundcloud for weekly mixes and for show announcements. There is so much talent in this city and we’re just trying to spread the word. We’ll be doing this as long as our friends and fans keep being awesome!

Stay awesome by going to their show this Thursday at The Rex. It kicks off early at 6:30PM. Purchase your tickets in advance here.

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