The Road to Roo

Published On April 14, 2011 | By Yock Ness Monster | Interviews, Music

Nakturnal Mama, Ms. Maize has been quite busy for the past year. She released her sophomore album, “Aligned Archetypes,” in conjunction with dozens of music videos, and has maintained a number one rank on Amazon for Hip Hop downloads.  Now she is on a quest to perform at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival in June.

On the serious, getting a break like this is a huge deal for any artist. Performing at a huge festival like Bonnaroo has broken many underground musicians into the mainstream. Pittsburgh is experiencing a serious musical renaissance, and fragments of it have been lucky enough to hit a national stage with acts like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. These cats have been grindin’ for years on the local scene and are only just now gaining the recognition their efforts and talents deserve. As someone who knows this broad personally, I can say that I am very excited to see her in the position she’s in right now. She is absolutely deserving of a performance slot. Regardless of whether or not you like this kind of music, I think anyone can appreciate the value of dedication, persistence and hard work. This woman works 24/7/365 and then some.

For those of you who have already voted and shared the link on your Facebook, THANK YOU! She is currently #4 on the list of potential performers.  The contest, hosted by Sonicbids, allows visitors to vote for their Bonnaroo favorite by downloading their music. For Kellee, it’s her new single Hasta Abajo from her upcoming album, Integration.  On Friday, April 15, the top 8 acts will be submitted to the Bonnaroo committee and 2 acts will be chosen to perform at the fest! If you haven’t voted just go to her website for detailed instructions on how to do so.  And in case you missed it, be sure to check out her newest video release for Start None HERE.

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