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Published On September 6, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Interviews, The Arts

NakYouOut has had the pleasure of working with the talented Laura Petrilla of Miss L Photography for many, many years, and consider her a dear friend.  So we’re stoked to tell you about the new gallery show she’ll be hosting at her studio in Lawrenceville. After a successful first show back in June, this Friday Miss L and Brian Kaldorf will be hosting a second group show ’12 x 12′.  The show will feature 24 local photographers, who were each randomly assigned an hour of the day.  While each photographer was given a specific hour to represent, they were not required to shoot during that hour.  Instead they were encouraged to interpret their hour in a creative way. In the end their final images will be shown as a unified body of work to represent a 24 hour day.

We got to attend her first show and the eclectic mix of work included some serious talent.  For those of you who think photographers just point and click, we encourage you to experience the wide range of technical skill that will be on exhibit at 12 x 12.

We had a chance to sit down with Laura, who is coincidentally very pregnant (let’s hope she doesn’t go into labor before or during the show!) to discuss her photography and the upcoming show.

How long have you been doing professional photography?

Well, I’ve been out of school about 6 years now, however I started freelancing about 2 years before that…so quite awhile!

Where is your studio and how long have you been there?

My studio is in Lawrenceville, conveniently not far from my house. I’ve had the space for nearly 4 years and don’t know what I’d do without it!

What’s your favorite type of photography?

I can’t say I really have a favorite, to be honest. I truly love what I do and I love that every day brings something different. I love that I can go from photographing extraordinary people who show me a little piece of life I may be missing or am unfamiliar with, to on the flip side, photographing food, as it lends itself back to the fundamentals of photography and still life, bringing me a sense of calm. I’d say, taking on different subject matter balances me out. It keeps it interesting and challenging.

What inspires you/ what do you aim for in a successful or powerful photo?

I think I find a little bit of inspiration everywhere, and it really just depends on the day and my mood, and the mood in which I want the photo to reflect. It’s always different. Sometimes less really is more, and sometimes I just want to go over the top with everything! I find it really content-dependent, in what you want the final image to say. I think the key, particularly in working with people, is allowing space and comfort to bring out the best in them. Catching a glimpse of perhaps who they really are, and not always who they want you to see, is great. Allowing them to warm up and be vulnerable isn’t always easy but the outcome is powerful.

What inspired you to start doing shows at your studio?

I really wanted to create a community space, networking photographers of all walks, to be able come together for all sorts of reasons. Having shows gives us a tangible purpose and allows the inspiration to flow! I’m sure I can speak for many when saying that unfortunately being a working photographer doesn’t always allow one to execute all of the personal projects that get put on the back burner. By having group meetings, we discuss ideas and themes that inspire us and create a conversation around what we want to see out of the community and what we’d like to showcase. As social as being a photographer may seem, down time and editing can take a toll on you, so creating a network of people embraces the real reason of why we’re photographers in the first place! A goal of mine is to eventually operate a co-op of sorts…but that’s a different conversation!

What other photogs will be joining you for this show?

We have 24 total photographers in this show  including myself. 24 because as the show is themed, each photographer was given a random hour of the day to represent. Photographers include:

Laura Petrilla

Danny Baca

Mark Bolster

Chuck Beard

Ohad Cadji

Terry Clark

Jenny Crawford

Erica de la Vega

Will Halim

Brian Kaldorf

Shannon Kenyon

Rob Larson

Sarah Miller

Natalie Morris

Heather Mull

Katelyn Petraitis

Nate Powers

Carmine Sarazan

Raymond Sneed

Kathryn Stabile

Cryss Stephens

Dan Speicher

Veronica Veros

Anthony Wincko

Have you done shows before? Do you plan on doing more? 

We, (and I say we because I have a handful of help with all of this!) have had one previous show in June and it was successful, to say the least! As it was the first show, we did a call for entries and ended up with about 16 photographers showcasing over 40 pieces. My plan now is to do bi-monthly shows with our next one in November. We have themes planned through the Spring so stay tuned!

The September 7th opening of 12 x 12 is free for all to attend. There will be light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments available. Miss L Photography & Studio is located at 3702 Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville.



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