The Katie Maillis Interview

Published On July 28, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

If you’re a fan of shopping local, chances are you’ve heard of Streetheart by now, a line recently introduced by Katie Maillis and her partner in crime, Jessica Morriston. Katie’s already carved her way into the local clothing scene by designing and buying at Shadyside urban clothing shop, Timebomb, but now that she’s started her own line, she’s steppin’ her game up substantially. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about Streetheart and what’s in store for the brand in the near future. Check it!

Kymbo Slice: What was the inspiration behind your Streetheart line?
Katie Maillis: When trying to come up with a name for the brand I went through a bunch of different ideas. None of the names really seemed fitting to my personality or hit home. Eventually when I came up with Streetheart it seemed perfect – sweethearts with street smarts! Streetheart is for girls who tend to have way too much fun. We’re lookin’ lovely and actin’ ugly!

KS: How did your partnership with Jess come about?
KM: In the early stages of getting the brand together I came to decision that I needed a partner. I have been a buyer and Timebomb’s head designer for awhile so I got a good idea of what needed to be done in order to get together a successful brand, and that was to take Jess on as a partner! We’re both artists, have retail experience, and a lot of the same interests while being completely different people. This works for the brand because we can both pull from our personal style and experiences to create something new and fun. Jess has also been doing vintage for a couple years so adding something old onto the new Streetheart really makes it extra special.

KS: How would you describe Streetheart as a brand?
KM: Streetheart seeks to blur the lines between street and high fashion. Our clothes are made with the modern girl in mind – someone who isn’t exclusively interested in street or high or vintage fashion, but rather someone whose varied interests and inspirations are expressed in her eclectic style. We pull our inspiration from the past, present and what we believe the future to be. For each design we use multiple different types of tees/tanks to make sure we cater to everyone, Streetheart is for anyone who wants to have fun and look good doing it!

KS: Please tell me more about your Mickey/Minnie Mouse obsession
KM: Oh boy. Well anybody who knows me knows three things. One of those things is my long time addiction to cartoons. I grew up with the Disney channel and a lot of time on my hands and became pretty obsessed with Mickey at a very young age. I was the girl in middle school with Mickey Mouse sheets. I still have never been to Disney World! Throughout the past 7 years I’ve collected a lot of vintage mickey wears and with Jess on the team I don’t miss a beat!

KS: What’s in the works for Streetheart? What’s that new illustration all about?
KM: What isn’t in the works for Streetheart!? We’ve got big plans and we’re sure you’ll love them. We just dropped our summer line and it will be available online in about a week. The new designs are really bold and fun. The sleep over design is a bunch of girls in a slumber party scene, gossiping, smoking a joint, and listening to music. This is the perfect Streetheart scene. In between the girls’ bodies you’ll notice the words Street<3. This is one of my favorites of the season. Make sure to check us out at Make sure to follow @shopstreetheart on twitter and ShopStreetheart on instagram.

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