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Published On April 6, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

Check out those cuties.  Too bad they’re both taken.  Their broads are more than worthy, trust me. I’ve known these cats for about a year now. Devin and I got off on the wrong foot. He was at my house for some reason or another, and turned the heat up to 90 on his way out. I found out it was him through the grapevine, and after a few months of snarkiness, eventually warmed up to the guy. How can you not like someone who throws parties about 16-year-old pregnant broads and zombies who like to dance? Ya can’t – unless your name is MTV or George Romero. Adam makes a much better first impression.

A lot has happened since the first installment of Get Weird. What started out as a dance party with a house party vibe at Remedy has turned into a rather large to-do at Belvederes. If you didn’t attend their zombie party, you missed one of the most entertaining Get Weirds yet! Luckily we snabbed some pictures from Scott Allen Stafford, a photog who was there to capture the moment. Peep the gallery below before you read our exclusive Q & A with the two gents behind these elusive parties.

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KS: What circumstances caused the move from Remedy to Belvedere’s? Why did you choose to stay in Lawrenceville?

We started this event in April of last year and since then, we’ve been really lucky and happy with how much it’s grown. Although Remedy was a perfect place to start off, it slowly became smaller and smaller every month. We loved the “house party” vibe that Remedy has and how no matter what time it was, the dance floor was packed. However, there came a point where those qualities actually turned into negatives. Moving around the dance floor became pretty difficult, people started complaining, and some were reluctant to come because there was literally no place to just hang out. There was also an issue with DJ equipment becoming victim to flying beverages, even after we installed a plexiglass shield on the DJ table. This led us to consider moving to a larger venue where we wouldn’t run into these sort of problems. After a few months of debate, we decided that staying in Lawrenceville was our best option as this is where most of our crowd goes out. Belvedere’s ended up being the perfect match for us as it’s a cheap place to drink, and also has a huge space with a stage area where DJs don’t have to dodge bottles.

KS: Adam – tell us about your side project/event – / o, DANG!

I created in July of last year as a multi-genre music blog as well as a promotional outpost for other events I’m involved with around the city. I love music so I just wanted another way to get what I’m feeling out there for more people to hear. After guest DJing at Brillobox a few times they approached me about filling an open Saturday they had available and I jumped on it. That’s pretty much how “o, DANG!” came about. I use this night to focus more on the music, whereas “Get Weird” is more about the party itself. As of right now, “o, DANG!” is every other month on the 3rd Saturday at Brillobox.

KS: Devin – you’ve deejayed at two Get Weirds now – what inspired you to start playing? What are some of your favorite things to play?

I’ve always had a passion for playing music. Beginning with my high school years, and up until around two years ago, I played bass guitar in several different bands. The energy that surrounded the entire venue during a show was what I loved, and after not playing for a few years, I really started to miss it. After experiencing this same connection between the music and the crowd at Get Weird, I began to think about learning to DJ myself. Shortly after, I purchased the necessary equipment and practiced for several months until I felt confident enough in my abilities to play live. When it comes to my favorite stuff to play, it would have to be anything that will make my friends go absolutely nuts on the dance floor. With the past couple of times I’ve played out, just hearing that series of “OHHHHHHHHHHHH”s come out from the crowd when I would drop one of these tracks totally made my entire week.

KS: How did Get Weird come about? Anyone else instrumental in making it happen?

Well we graduated from the same high school, and after a few years we both ended up living in Pittsburgh. Before Adam actually moved here, he mentioned that he was a DJ and was looking for somewhere to play out. We have a group of friends that used to throw house parties on Carnegie St. not too far away from Remedy. They were the ones that really gave us the idea of even doing a party after I came out and saw Adam DJ at their house. After that we started talking about working together as he was trying to play out more and I knew people that could help make that happen.

KS: What do you have in store for future Get Weirds?

We really want to utilize the space that we have now. At the zombie party, we had two different makeup artists, a visual artist, a sketch artist, and an emcee. This is something which we never would’ve been able to do with a smaller space. As we are adjusting to this new venue, we feel that the future has much more in store for us as we’re coming up with new ideas everyday. We like doing different themes every now and then to keep things fresh, and can definitely get more in depth with them in this new venue. We really want to make this year bigger and better than last with bringing in new artists, more creative ideas, a more diverse crowd, and of course.. more excuses to let loose and GET WEIRD!

KS: Wildest/craziest/most memorable Get Weird to date?

DEVIN: Hahah wow, don’t even know where to begin on this one. I feel that almost every party outdid the previous one, with more outrageous stuff happening every single month. The beach party might have actually been the most memorable for me. That was our biggest turnout at Remedy with around 170, which is absolutely nuts for that place. Anytime you throw that many people, who are that drunk, shirtless, and wearing bathing suits into a smaller space.. people are bound to make some mistakes… and believe me, they did.

ADAM: It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to choose I’d say the zombie party we had recently. We really went all out with that one and it was crazy to see everyone with zombie makeup all over the place. It was a good event to stretch our legs with to see how far we can go with themes and how much we can do with Belvedere’s. The Super Sweet 16 and Pregnant party was also one of my favorites.

And there you have it. The Get Weird interview. Stay tuned for May’s installment of Get Weird (now taking place on the 2nd Friday of every month) and our next interview. Have someone in mind to nominate as a Nakout? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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