The Gene the Werewolf Interview

Published On March 15, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews, Music

Bear Cub‘s in town this Friday for another swoon-worthy show, and they’ve recruited some talented friends to share the stage with for the evening. Locals Gene the Werewolf and Of An Empire will be joining forces with Bear Cub to play one kick ass show tomorrow night at The Rex Theater in the South Side. We got to chat with the man himself, Gene, about what the band’s up to these days, how they joined forces with Bear Cub and their recent experience opening for Less Than Jake. Once you’re done reading, why not hop on over here to snab your ticket? Trust me, this is your best Friday night option.

Kymbo Slice: How did you hook up with Bear Cub for this show?
Gene: The members of Gene and Bear Cub have known each other just by playing in the music scene over the years, but realized that we had never actually played a show together. We tried to share the stage together a few times, but something always prevented it from happening. We decided this time to plan long enough in advance so we could finally make it happen! Before Gene The Werewolf, we used to be in a band called “The Berlin Project”, which has been known to of had more members than Menudo! Chuck, who plays with Bear Cub, used to be TBP’s bass player. Funny enough, Jesse from Bear Cub was actually in TBP for literally 3 weeks I believe. To be honest, our show this weekend will be the first time that I have seen Of An Empire. Bear Cub has played with them and suggested them to open the show. I got a chance to listen to them the other night, and they are really good! I recommend the song “Days In Between”

KS: What was your recent experience opening for Less Than Jake like?
G: I admit, at first I was skeptical about opening for them, because our styles differ. Vinnie, LTJ’s drummer, used to manage Punchline when I was in the band, and we were all fans of LTJ growing up, so we figured if people didn’t like us, at least we would get a sense of fulfillment. But the show went over great! Actually, a few people told me that they enjoyed us just as much as LTJ.

KS: Do you have any performance highlights from your shows throughout the years? Does any certain gig in particular stick out in your mind?
G: We had the honor of opening up for Eddie Money twice! The second time we opened for him, he watched our set from the side of the stage and said that he remembered us from the first time we played. When Eddie took the stage, he gave us a shout out and told the crowd to make sure they bought our CD. It was also incredible to play with The Clarks at Stage AE in front of 2200 people.

KS: What does the future hold in store for Gene the Werewolf?
G: Last summer, we flew out to Arizona for three weeks and recorded our new album Wicked Love with producer Jamie Woolford, who also has recorded bands like The Gin Blossoms and Let Go. Recently, our single “I Only Wanna Rock N Roll” was added to regular rotation on 102.5 WDVE. For the first five weeks, it was the #1 most played song on the station, beating the new Foo Fighters and Nickelback songs. It has been in the top 5 for the past 8 weeks.
We are currently giving “Wicked Love” away for free at because we simply want our music to be heard. The last thing I want is for someone NOT to hear the music we worked so hard on, because it costs money. We have all done the dance with managers and labels, we have done our time touring, we have faced rejection, and slept in crappy hotel rooms, and its not because we get paid well to do it. It’s because we love playing music together. Therefore, the future of Gene The Werewolf is very simple – to continue being a band! We hope to release a new album within the next year or so, and continue to play shows, because that’s what makes us happy!

It makes us happy too! Be sure to catch Gene The Werewolf, Bear Cub and Of An Empire tomorrow at The Rex. Doors are at 7. Show at 8. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door, but lucky you, because in true NakYouOut style we’re giving away a pair of tickets! All you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite Gene, Bear Cub or Of An Empire song. We’ll select a winner at random and notify you sometime Friday afternoon. So clear your schedules, pick your favorite tune, and win some tix!

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