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Published On April 26, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

The Backstabbing Good People are a force to be reckoned with in the Pittsburgh music scene, and not because they might be prone to killing your first born and then apologizing about it. I remember seeing them at Club Cafe last year because I know their keyboardist, Max, and was floored at the level of talent this band exemplifies. Their front man, Clinton Clegg, exudes a confidence and self-awareness far beyond his years, singing songs of heartbreak, loneliness and everything in between. The five-piece often performs with additional instrumentation, as was the case when I first saw them perform, but individually, each of the members are standout musicians. We had a chance to chat with their lead vocalist, Clinton, about their upcoming gig at The Rex with The Boogie Hustlers and what the future holds in store for The Backstabbing Good People.

Kymbo Slice: How did BSGP come about? Did you start out solo? If so, what made you incorporate a band? Why is it Clinton Clegg and BSGP?
Clinton Clegg: I was working with another great musician, Glenn Strother, in a band called Jazzam. During that time I was writing a bunch of material that didn’t quite fit with what that band was doing, so when Jazzam wasn’t busy Glenn and I put BSGP together and played a few shows. As far as it being “Clinton Clegg and BSGP” – it was something we were trying out for a while. It had that throwback old lounge singer vibe to it, so we thought it was catchy, but I think we are kind of over that now. For the record the band name is “Backstabbing Good People” on its own.

KS: Your lyrics and gritty delivery are reminiscent of someone who is 20-30 years older. Do you consider yourself an old soul? What experiences do you draw from to write songs?
CC: I do consider myself an old soul. My parents split up when I was 10 years old. When I was around 13 my sister and I lived on our own for a couple years. I saw and heard a few things a little earlier than most, and I definitely draw a good bit of my material from how I grew up.

KS: What is one of the most memorable gigs you’ve played here in Pittsburgh?
CC: All of our Club Cafe concert series have been special, we really amp it up for those events.

KS: Tell us about Nathan Zoob coming on board. He is incredibly talented! I saw him at an Acousticafe last year and he really stuck out. Are you afraid he’ll upstage you?
CC: Zoob coming on board is making us all very excited. At this point we are in the beginning stages of the addition but, he’s an immense talent with a lot to offer. I think its going to be incredible moving forward.

KS: This is an exciting time for BSGP – you just released a music video that’s blowing up. What’s next for the band?
CC: You’re right Kym, it is a exciting time to be in BSGP. We have some great shows lined up for this summer but, what we are focused on right now is rehearsal tonight, and a show on Saturday with the Boogie Hustlers. We take it one show at a time to make each performance special for our fans.

Catch the Backstabbing Good People at The Rex this Saturday alongside The Boogie Hustlers. $10 bucks. Show at 9. Buy advance tickets here.

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