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Published On September 25, 2013 | By Jeff Ihaza | Interviews, The Arts

carnegie itntlThe 2013 Carnegie International exhibit, like presidential elections, comes every four years and reflects the state of the world at large. This year, the art world gets to respond to the drastically rapid and prolific changes of the past four years. The multidimensional enterprise explores the place of art in various spaces in our world. This isn’t a stuffy gallery walk-about either, the artists involved present work that challenges what the physical realm means as well as what type of role the new, yet ubiquitous, digital world plays in everyday life. The exhibition features over 35 artists from 19 countries whose unique individual perspective in itself emulates the interconnectedness of the modern condition. To top it off, the exhibit has partnered with the equally innovative local collective VIA, whose annual music and visual art festival will work in tandem with Carnegie International.

We Talked to the media relations manager for the Carnegie Museum about the exhibit.


Mystery Haza: What is the value of physically bringing these diverse artistic perspectives together?
Jonathan Gaugler: The international has been doing this since 1896 and this year our curators decided that instead of having a sort of thesis or theme, that the artists would be given the space to initiate the conversations without any prescribed view.


MH: What is the importance of engaging technology and digital space in art?
JG: Our curators identified artists making efforts to experiment and play with mediums, it wasn’t so much a move towards technology as with the idea of playing. This year, a Swiss artist named Tobias Madison used digital video cameras to make a short film that was completely in the hands of children – he strapped the cameras to the kids playing and just let the project unfold. It’s that type of experimentation that the international is exploring.


MH: Can you touch on the collaboration with VIA this year?
JG: Well, our opening weekend falls smack in the center of VIA and visual art is so integral to what they’re doing that it seemed to just make sense. We called them up thinking what better fit for the International than that.


MH: What does it mean to engage “play and experimentation?”
JG: I think a playground is really the best metaphor for the museum itself. Here is this place with all of this stuff in it and the way in which you interact with it is entirely up to you.


MH: Do you think this year (and the future) will engage young people more than years prior? why?
JG:I wouldn’t say it in terms of “young people.” The Carnegie International is something that everyone can find a way to engage with.


The Carnegie International opens October 5th at The Carnegie Museum of Art and runs until March 16th.

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