The Big Gigantic Interview

Published On November 3, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews, Music

Big Gigantic is a unique force in the world of electronic music, fusing beats with live saxophone and drums. Acts such as Booka Shade and Emancipator come to mind when thinking about others who do blend computer-generated music with more organic styles, and much like them, Big Gigantic is carving a space for their own niche in the scene quite nicely. Their production is also enviable and adds a stimulating visual element to an already dynamic live show. The group is scheduled to play at Mr. Smalls on Sunday, November 4th and we had a chance to catch up with them on the road as they undergo their current tour. If you aren’t familiar, you can download their latest album for free on their website. Tickets for the show are $20 and can be purchased here.

Kymbo Slice: What about Big Gigantic do you think separates you from other current electronic music acts?
Jeremy: Well the first thing that comes to my mind is Dom plays saxophone! Between the live drums and sax and the fact that we have solos over electronic music I feel like we bring a really unique experience and people seem to love it!

KS: How does making electronic music/compositions differ from traditional instrumentation and what is your creative process to incorporate the two in a way they compliment each other?
Jeremy: Dominic composes, writes and produces all of our music. He has his masters in jazz performance so he has a huge knowledge of chords, modes and how notes interact with each other to produce a certain emotion. Combine that with an ever growing knowledge of electronic music production and you have quite a powerful combo.

KS:This is your second time at Mr. Smalls this year. What was your last experience like and what do you think of Pittsburgh electronic music fans?
Jeremy: We had a blast in Pittsburgh earlier this year! The PA people brought it tough last time! We were surprised how rowdy y’all got!

KS: What is the reasoning behind giving your music away for free when so many artists are against this notion? Do you think it makes you more competitive?
Jeremy: In this day and age with 100 different ways to get music we just want people to have access to our tunes however they go about getting them. We put our music out for free on our website and post it to as many blogs as possible because that’s just how some folks get their music. We also throw it on iTunes because that’s just how some other people get it. On top of that we put it on streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora to cover those folks. For us it’s more important to get the music out there and get folks to our shows. That’s where we do our thing!

KS: What’s next for Big Gigantic? Any plans to work on a new album?
Jeremy: Dom is always working on new music and we’re hoping to put something out the first half of next year.

Looking forward to it! Don’t forget to check them in action November 4th and take your Sunday Funday to a whole new level.

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